Strides made in 2012 & 2013

BHA tackled a number of issues related to safety and quality of life in 2012. Several areas saw progress or improvement, and several others key issues will remain on agenda for 2013. BHA is working closely with City, County and State representatives on various neighborhood and community concerns. Below is a recap of recent progress made and where we stood at the end of 2012. Click here for this year’s Legislative Agenda.

Brickell Avenue-Traffic & Pedestrian Safety

  • Keep speed limit at 30 mph for all of Brickell Avenue after road resurfacing project is complete – turned down by FDOT July 2012
  • Remove the dangerous, ineffective flashing beacon at the 1800 block and replace with a traffic signal – promised since July 2012 and finally changed in March 2013.
  • Replace all light poles from the Miami River south to SE 26th Road so there is cohesion along the entire Brickell Avenue – accomplished
  • Don’t allow FDOT to close the left turn from Brickell Avenue to Southeast Sixth Street. – not succeeding; FDOT moving forward
  • Add a left-turn arrow at the SE 15th Road and Brickell Avenue intersection traffic signal. – no action
  • Address the dangerous left turn from 26th Road going north onto Brickell Avenue where the lane configuration is encouraging illegal turns from the second lane. – Striping added; better but some still turn; reconfiguration needed with toll booth construction project


    1814 Brickell Park opened in May 2012

Parks and Green Space

  • Ensure the timely completion of the development of 1814 Brickell Avenue Park– completed, behind schedule, but well done, neighbors happy with the outcome
  • Continue to seek additional green space for the growing Brickell residential and business community. – ongoing

School for Brickell Community

  • Revisit the Mater Academy Proposal for Charter School in the Brickell area as the need remains acute and is critical for the area’s success as an urban neighborhood that accommodates people of all ages including families. – In the courts; other options not presented

Garbage & Waste Hauling

  • Provide condominium owners refunds or garbage service. Condo homeowners have historically been assessed in property taxes for garbage collection but don’t get the service; high-rise buildings —whether commercial or residential—must pay a private waste hauler for service. Working with other City Commissioners on issue

Median Landscaping & Beautification

  • Provide improved median and swale landscaping, fix and widen sidewalks and improve the utility hardware on Brickell Avenue. Commissioner Sarnoff to present plan

Impact Fees

  • Ensure the proper and legal use of fees to be invested in infrastructure that will mitigate impacts in the area affected by development, and not to be diverted to the general fund.

Police Coverage of the Brickell area

  • A dedicated patrol unit is sought for the Brickell Avenue neighborhood.

Other Major Issues

  • Trolley service – should be free for all districts  – successful
  • Extend the DDA catchment area to include Point View and SE 15th Road to SE 26 Road  – exploring