Adriana Dominguez-Tio: A Composition of Experiences & Endeavors

Like the commissioned art she creates, Adriana Dominguez-Tio is a dynamic composition of experiences and endeavors. As a mosaic artist, she is adept at combining multiple elements and textures to form very individualized works of art.

Perhaps Adriana sums up her “mosaic life” the best when she smiles and says, “I have done a lot of different things.”

Adriana Dominguez-Tio

Adriana Dominguez-Tio

Born in Cuba, Adriana is part of a large extended family involved in real estate. She grew up in Coral Gables, graduated from Our Lady of Lourdes Academy and attended University of Miami where she earned a B.A. in psychology and an M.A. in International Studies.

Early in her career, she worked at Miami Children’s Hospital in the adolescent psychological unit. She married an Austrian man who was in the hotel industry and spent many years traveling internationally and living around the world. They have a now-grown daughter who graduated from Dartmouth University.

A passion for art has always been part of Adriana’s life. She studied art in Italy where she perfected her chosen area of mosaic design and has taught classes at Fairchild Topical Botanic Garden. Her one-of-a-kind designs incorporate numerous materials including beads, glass and shells. One of her most recognizable commissioned mosaics is on the wall at Whole Foods Market in Pinecrest. Others appear in residences throughout South Florida.

In 2007, after living in Coral Gables for a number of years, Adriana sought a more urban lifestyle and purchased her condo in Brickell Harbour. She loves living in the Brickell area because she says she enjoys “the wonder of Brickell which is in the middle of a big city with nature – including seeing dolphins and manatees from my balcony – all literally right outside my front door.”
Her change of address also brought a new career as a Special Projects Specialist working for the City of Miami based out of Simpson Park. Adriana explained: “The goal of my position was to bring ecotourism to the City of Miami in nature areas such as Alice Wainwright Park, Simpson Park and the Key Biscayne Causeway. These areas are representative of incredible bio-diversity, contain unique specimens of flora and fauna and showcase one of the last sectors of the original Brickell Hammock.”

The project had a definitive beginning and end date and Adriana says that at the end of her tenure she was, “very proud to have these areas receive special historic designation through the Historical Preservation Board of the City of Miami.”dwarfstory

She became involved in her condo’s board and joined BHA’s Executive Board two years ago as Member at Large.

The same enthusiasm Adriana has for art and life is evident when she speaks about local politicians and politics. She is passionate about the important advocacy role Brickell Homeowners Association plays regarding critical Brickell issues and its citizens. She also admires how the BHA model provides opportunities to address issues with both a collaborative impact and with individual clout.

“I love BHA because it empowers people. We have learned that we do not have to take half-truths, mismanagement and outright dishonesty from governmental bureaucrats and politicians. BHA shows the power of individuals and proves you don’t have to allow unjust behavior to continue. BHA also allows us to speak as a collective. It’s power through organization,” she says.

Key issues that Adriana feels demand immediate attention involve the nature areas she was hired to help protect in her role with the parks. The homeless living in the Alice Wainwright Hammock is a serious issue from the standpoint of public safety and environmental protection.

“No one is taking care of making these places safe. The homeless issue must be addressed. There are sensitive ecosystems that need to be protected. We need a park ranger who needs to patrol,” she said.

Adriana specifically recalls an incident, and the personal fear she felt, when one morning on her way to her office in Simpson Park she passed a homeless man sleeping with a machete. She is hopeful BHA will continue to work to address homeless issues affecting the Brickell area and its residents.

Now that her project with the City has concluded, Adriana has embarked upon the next chapter in her dynamic life as a real estate agent specializing in rentals and listings in the Brickell and Coral Gables markets. •