BHA Membership Chair Lorena Arnold happy to extol the virtues of Brickell


Lorena Arnold, BHA Membership Chair, loving Brickell life!

Welcome to the Brickell Neighborhood! A resident of Brickell since 2007, Lorena Arnold serves as President of Solaris of Brickell Bay where she has been a board member for six years. BHA is fortunate to have her as Membership Chair, providing outreach to newcomers about the benefits of Brickell and BHA.

Over 11 years ago, Lorena moved from Beverly Hills, California, to launch her stock photography business as a supplier to Getty Images. After a year of working in the heart of Brickell at 1000 Brickell Avenue and hearing her business partner, day after day, talking about the emerging new Brickell, Lorena fell in love with its community. Attracted to a true blend of work, live and play, she made Brickell her home along with her brother and mother who has Alzheimer’s.

It was the neighborly helpfulness that the valet parkers, neighbors and business owners showed her mother that made her realize how really special Brickell is in comparison to other places.

“If my mother turned the wrong direction while walking her dog, the valet parkers would call me. Even once at her early onset of the debilitating disease, a neighbor found my mother at Publix and drove her home, Lorena said. “This is when I knew I was home.”

Lorena sold her stock business in 2012 and is a Realtor for Affinity International Realty on Brickell Avenue. “It’s easy and natural for me to help others sell and buy in Brickell, and tell businesses and condos why they should be part of the neighborhood through BHA since I really believe in the product,” Lorena explained.

You can often find Lorena walking her two dogs along Brickell Bay Shore Drive talking with her vecinos.

From BHA News, Fall 2017