Board Member Profile: David Lucterhand

Although David Lucterhand just moved to the Brickell area in March 2009 he has been a fan of the neighborhood and Miami in general since the 1970s when he started vacationing here. Born in Australia, David’s father was in the Air Force so he grew up all over the world.

His career took him to Chicago where he eventually worked as a member of the Chicago Board of Trade. David then set out for a 15-year stay in Russia where he met his wife Alsou and married in 2003. But Miami’s allure lingered, and he jumped at the chance to move here for business in 2009. He is a Fund Manager with Market Greater Capital where his job is to build up the company’s Barron Index Fund over the next 10 years.

davidlucterhand-lgDavid always loved South Beach, even in the 1980s before the Art Deco District transformation, but Brickell seemed more his style when it came time to settle down. He always went through Miami when traveling to the Caribbean and it was those times that he spent looking at neighborhoods that would be a good fit for him and his lifestyle.

He began looking at Miami properties late in 2008 when the market was taking a turn. Eight days later he found just what he was looking for.

“Because I’m a collector of modern art, The Atlantis building was perfect for me. The building reminded me of a Mondrian but I never dreamed I would ever own anything here,” he said. “But I fell in love with my unit which had been completely renovated and has unobstructed views.”

[The Atlantis at 2025 Brickell Avenue is the post-modernist building with the unusual hole in the middle. Designed by Arquitectonica, many know the building from the opening sequence of Miami Vice.]

David immediately demonstrated a commitment to his community, serving first as secretary and currently entering his second term as president of his building’s homeowners association. As president of Atlantis’ board he began attending BHA meetings and was recently named a BHA Member at Large.

Giving back to the community and ensuring the Brickell area stays litter-free are two of his main goals. He hopes to begin an anti-littering campaign for the city and encourage officers to begin ticketing litterbugs.

An avid biker, David and his wife were appalled at what they saw during one of their long rides to Key Biscayne. “We saw trash everywhere in Virginia Key when on a bike ride and I spoke to the rangers out there. I’ve also asked the maintenance folks at Atlantis to monitor the median as well as their on-site premises. We’ve already established an adopt-a-curb program which I feel is vital to keeping the area clean and I feel should be instituted at all other Brickell condos.”

Not surprisingly, David followed the Wright Brothers’ interest in bicycles straight into the air. He flies single-engine planes out of Tamiami Airport, enjoying the view over Naples and Miami’s nighttime skyline. He’s also the proud father of two successful sons. Douglas, an agent with the William Morris Agency in West Hollywood, California, and Charles, an executive with Groupon in Chicago.