Board Member Profile: Ernesto Cuesta

Motivated to excel in business and in pleasure, Ernesto Cuesta, treasurer of the Brickell Homeowners Association, credits much of what he is today to being raised by a hard working family. Along with the value of character and responsibility, they taught him the “value of location-location-location,” which influenced his decision to originally invest in property on Brickell Avenue in 1974.

Ernesto’s Brickell roots run deep, with his grandmother having first invested in the area in the 1940s. Ernesto made a natural progression to getting involved in matters involving his home and neighborhood, and first attended Brickell Homeowners Association meetings in the 1990s. He later became directly involved in 2003 at the urging of association President Tory Jacobs. The two were regulars on the tennis courts, working out Saturday mornings.ErnestoCuesta-lg

“One morning Tory mentioned the position of treasurer was open and he urged me to take it on.” That was nearly five years ago and Ernesto has remained in the position ever since.

“BHA is the advocate for the community and does a great job.” Wearing his treasurer’s hat Ernesto reported, “Financially, the BHA is very sound. With ‘Mr. Brickell’ Tory Jacobs at the helm, we are working to improve things for every resident in this area.”

Aside from his BHA duties, Ernesto is also president of the condominium association at his building, The Metropolitan. He attributes the association’s success and the contentment of its residents to “running it like a corporation where every resident is a stockholder.” Like the BHA, Ernesto reports The Metropolitan is financially sound.

“No management company oversees us; we have our own employees. The developer turned over the association to the investors in 2001 and I became president in 2002,” he chronicled. It’s been a great investment and home ever since.

Professionally, Ernesto Cuesta is chairman of the Enterprises Group Corporation, a multi-faceted company that is involved in many business lines — construction, the aviation industry and real estate, to name a few. He’s been chairman of the company since 1990.

Ernesto’s days of tennis are over due to repeated injuries…not Tennis Elbow as you might guess, but because of chronic toe fractures—more than seven in just two years! He had to give it up, however, remaining active was still a priority.

At his doctor’s recommendation, Ernesto took up the much gentler activity of walking. This soon progressed into running, however, and Ernesto was quickly immersed in the sport. In the year or so he’s been running, Ernesto has entered two dozen races and has placed in the top 10 numerous times in his 45-49 year-old age category. He also ran this year’s ING Half Marathon in January and plans to run it again in 2009. He says running is a great source of motivation and has also cured his feet. He no longer suffers from frequent toe fractures, and says he’s in the best shape of his life.

Ernesto is equally devoted to Brickell, and always advocates in an effort to represent the desires of residents. He is particularly vocal about matters of quality of life and safety and ensuring that everyone’s voice is heard. He’s been an advocate for green space and for pushing officials to find ways to make Brickell safer for pedestrians.

Ernesto describes the one-of-a-kind Brickell corridor: “Like other great avenues in the world – Fifth Avenue in New York…Grand Villa in Spain – there is only one Brickell Avenue. The condominium associations along Brickell Avenue are not experiencing the foreclosure rates seen by others around town.”

Each has foundations and distinctions that outlast even the worst of times. As a treasurer for two Brickell vital entities, that’s rightfully a source of pride.

From BHA News, Vol. XVIII, No. 2, Fall 2008