Board Member Profile: Gail Feldman

It wasn’t Philly’s cold weather that spurred Philadelphia native Gail Feldman to move to Miami; it was potholes.

“My husband Steve has always been a builder and in real estate and when our brand new car fell into one too many potholes, we picked up and moved to Florida,” Gail said.

That was in July of 2000. They immediately became Bristol Tower residents, the only home they’ve known for the past 10 years.


Gail and Steve Feldman

“We recognized when we first moved here that it had a very special feeling,” she said. “We fell in love with the duality of a neighborhood and urban downtown feel.”

Three years ago, following a 23-year career as a magazine publisher, first in the tourism industry and later with regional lifestyle magazines for luxury brands like Chanel and Bulgari, Gail decided to retireand volunteer on Bristol Tower’s Board of Directors.She felt her building was losing its luster, so rather than sit back and complain, she decided to do something about it. She is proud to say that the building is now back and restored to its former glory.

“I’m very fond of the Brickell area and consider it the Park Avenue of Florida, so naturally, I want our building to shine and the street to live up to its potential,” she said.

One person who was instrumental in helping her accomplish her goals at Bristol Tower was her neighbor Claudia Bruce, former BHA president and neighborhood advocate, who she credits with helping her quickly and swiftly resolve many of the issues she faced. BHA’s General Counsel Mel Frankel approached her about getting involved with BHA. She now serves as secretary, an ideal post for her since she studied radio and television prior to entering the publishing world. She is comfortable serving on BHA’s Executive Committee tackling and resolving issues.

When she’s not busy working on the two boards, she enjoys spending time with her grandchildren. She raised three children – two boys and a girl – while working in publishing and says she enjoyed her dual career of publishing and motherhood. She’s grandmother to five kids, a set of twins and a set of triplets. One son works in development with his father and spent time volunteering in Haiti following the devastating earthquake.

Gail also makes time for some hobbies, particularly tennis and yoga. There’s no other place she’d rather live and play than Brickell.

“It’s a great location, very centralized. Everything we need is nearby and it’s nice that we’ve seen it grow with retail and restaurants,” she said.

From BHA News Vol. XX, No. 2, Summer 2010