Brickell: Live, Work, Play… and Salsa! Classes start in July.

“Forget about your day, your worries, and the stresses of life, and come out to dance!” This is the recommendation of Realtor Michael Suarez who started a Salsa class series that is doing just that for a lively bunch of people on Brickell every Thursday evening.

salsapix“When I tour new arrivals to Miami looking for a place to live, many are attracted to Brickell,” he explained. “They would ask me, ‘Is Brickell a good scene for meeting people?’”

That gave him the idea to find a great instructor and start Salsa classes at his building, The Metropolitan Condo, where he has been a resident for several years.

“Singles can meet others without having to go to a bar,” he said.

The style they are learning is Casino Style Salsa, or Rudea, which translates to “wheel.” This type of dance is done in a circle as a group, and you’re changing partners all the time.

“You don’t need to be in a couple,” Michael explained, “In fact it’s better to not come as a couple because you won’t be dancing together that much.”

Neighbors from other Brickell buildings have joined the fun, and the first group has graduated to Intermediate. A new series will be starting up in July, and anyone interested is invited to contact Michael to register for the next series which will be a new Beginner group. The series is 10 classes for $10 per class, so it’s $100 to sign up.

Someone usually brings some wine, someone else some snacks, and everyone learns Salsa. It’s a good time. •

Contact Michael Suarez at 305-283-3322 or via email at for more details and to register.

Reprinted from BHA News Summer 2015