Bringing the Farm to Highrise Living

BHA members were happy to learn that Brickell is now being served by a company bringing fresh, organic fruit and vegetables from the farm to our neighborhood, and soon to our doorstep. Endlessly Organic began as the vision of two Miami women, Arden Karson and Cheryl Arnold, to help South Florida families gain access to fresh 100% USDA-certified organic produce in an easy and more affordable manner. They started four years ago with 15 families picking up produce in Miami Beach and now more than 80 groups of people throughout South Florida are feeding their families in a healthy, plant-based way that’s affordable and convenient.

Most of us have come to understand that organic—grown without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, GMOs, ionized radiation, or sewage sludge— tastes better and is better for us.

Currently Endlessly Organic has one location open to the public in Brickell, at 500 Brickell, with home delivery coming soon. Those living at Icon Brickell can pick up there, and workers at  444 Brickell, Courvoisier Centre on Brickell Key, and 1450 Brickell have the option of picking up in their office buildings.

Endlessly Organic has also expanded their services to some of South Florida’s top companies including Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Office Depot, Citrix, Tyco, Baptist, Mount Sinai, and several universities.

EO-LogoEndlessly Organic has created boxes for every lifestyle, whether you’re looking to add more fruits and veggies to your diet, or eating Paleo or Whole30, or juicing. They supply gourmet chefs, vegetarians, and vegans and supports their members with recipe ideas, education, community resources and cooking events to help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

“It’s more than just providing organic fruits and vegetables to people…we want to create a community of wellness that helps people reconnect to their food and their health,” Lindsay Scherr Burgess, director of business development told BHA at its March meeting. “Best of all, when you use fresh, organic ingredients, your food tastes better naturally and with less effort in the kitchen.”

Visit or call 866.944.9564 for more details.•