Canine Courtesy or Scatological CSI: A Doggie “Whodunnit?”

Probably the number one complaint we hear from Brickell neighbors is about dog owners who don’t scoop their (dog’s) poop. Now there’s a way to “sniff out the culprits” and make them pay for their crimes. We’re hearing that many communities around the world are finding the answer in implementing “Poo Prints,” a dog waste DNA database system, in an effort to catch owners who don’t clean up after their pets.

BioPet Vet Lab of Knoxville, Tennessee, provides its PooPrints testing kits to homeowners, apartment and condo complexes, and homeowners associations. Residents in apartments, condo complexes, and homeowners associations are notified they will have to register their dogs and provide swabs of the pooches’ DNA.

The swabs are returned to the lab for entry into the dog waste DNA database. Along with assuming the costs for the initial DNA testing, residents are responsible for any fines and/or fees which are assessed for scatological offences. In some instances these fees can range in cost from $30 to more $600 for repeat offenders.

PooPrints dog waste DNA matching service claims to “. . . eliminate dog waste on the grounds of your apartment, condo, or HOA community forever . . . It’s the only permanent, ‘set it and forget it’ solution for dog waste management.”

According to a recent article in the Seattle Times: “BioPet says in the past five years, the DNA test has been used in nearly 1,000 places around the country, and it’s especially popular in Miami, Dallas, Los Angeles and other large cities.”

With the high concentration of residents and pets in the City of Miami, dog waste DNA testing technology may not be that far away for Brickell or our surrounding area.

Are you interested? Let us hear from you if you think this is a solution for the Brickell neighborhood, or your condo. •