FDOT & Brickell Ave.


October 2012 – FDOT agrees to some fixes; opposes 30 mph

Photo: FDOT seemingly eager to raise Brickell Avenue speed limit back to 35 mph, despite community pleas.

Consensus, by its very nature, isn’t easy to come by. That’s why it’s remarkable that everyone who lives, works and plays in Brickell seems to agree that a moderate 30 mph speed limit in the Brickell corridor is a good idea. The people who walk, cycle, stroll and drive in the area—those we’d call “stakeholders” in community-speak—agree. Their local elec…

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October 2012 – Getting up to speed

This background information about Brickell Avenue will help newcomers or anyone confused as to why we cannot better control it for safety.

The Florida Department of Transportation controls Brickell Avenue because it is part of U.S. Highway 1, a federal highway. For years BHA has been asking FDOT to make the speed limit on all of Brickell Avenue 30 mph. North of SE 15th Road to the Miami River is 30 mph, but from SE 15th Road south to SE 26th Road had always been 40 mph.

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July 2012 – FDOT agrees to some safety improvements for Brickell Ave.

Florida Transportation Secretary Prasad visited with elected officials and BHA representatives in June 2012 to discuss Brickell Avenue safety. FDOT agreed to some measures advocated by BHA that have long been key items on BHA’s Legislative Agenda. The most important concession from FDOT is that the dangerous flashing beacon at the 1800 block in front of the new 1814 Brickell Park is to be changed to a pedestrian-activated red light. Full PDF of letter….

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Spring 2012 – Resident doesn’t mince words over dangerous, ineffective “beacon”

After another near-miss at the 1800 block of Brickell Avenue at the flashing pedestrian beacon, Mr. Solowsky boldly expresses the sentiment felt by many neighbors in this email.

Commissioner Sarnoff: Many of us have expressed to FDOT and Gus Pego that the flashing light crosswalk on Brickell Avenue at Stanley Axelrod Towers (a seniors facility) is dangerous and ineffective. BHA has expressed its belief that the crosswalk is ineffective and that the 30 mph speed limit on Br…

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Spring 2012 – Focus on Legislative Agenda & Advocacy

At the February BHA Board meeting, BHA Vice President Gail Feldman led a visual presentation on some of the problems affecting Brickell Avenue. FDOT’s Gus Pego, the top man who has the power to make changes on Brickell Avenue, was in attendance at the meeting, along with leaders from the City of Miami and Miami-Dade County. The goal was to get those with the power to fix things in the same room at the same time. These top guns represent the key entities that have a stake an…

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Spring 2011 – FDOT agrees to Brickell Ave. speed limit reduction

Walkers, cyclists, and BHA pleased, but say 40 to 35 mph is not enough; 30 mph sought for all of Brickell corridor
After years of battling to slow down traffic on Brickell Avenue, neighbors learned in December that the Florida Department of Transportation conceded to permanently lower the speed limit from 40 mph to 35 mph in the southern half of Brickell Avenue at the conclusion of the current resurfacing project. Other key concessions from FDOT include the addition of cross…

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FDOT looks at turning hazard at 26th Road and Brickell

BHA’s efforts to improve the 26th Road northbound turn to Brickell Avenue continue. The Florida Department of Transportation provided BHA the following email response as a result of their promised “review…to determine of geometric improvements are possible,” as reported in the last BHA News.

FDOT identified possible improvements which might or might not be sufficient. BHA is asking the Miami-Dade County planners and Commissioner Carlos Gimenez to consider the dir…

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Winter 2009 – Announcing…FDOT public meeting

Brickell Avenue Concrete Pavement Repair and Restoration Project
April 14, 2009 , 6:00 p.m.
Miami Science Museum, 3280 S. Miami Avenue

The Brickell Avenue roadway is slated for major repair work from SE 25th Road to SE 5th Street in 2010-2011. This Public Meeting will present details of the Florida Department of Transportation’s construction plans, and invite residents to comment and voice their concerns. It is an opportunity to hear directly from FDOT officials, and mos…

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Winter 2008 – Around the neighborhood…some defeats

A resounding “no” was given by the Florida Department of Transportation on recent requests. “No” to asphalt repaving of Brickell Avenue when the time comes for the street rehab project in 2010, instead of the noisier, mismatched concrete we currently have. Despite an earlier commitment to asphalt, FDOT changed its position after a reevaluation of the project based on funding and more specific engineering. Coating the concrete with asphalt would raise the roadway overall, caus…

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November 2007 – Outcome of FDOT’s meeting on Brickell Avenue resurfacing

Asphalt Nixed Despite Neighbors’ Objections – See Herald report 11/4/07 (PDF).

Download PDF of FDOT Letter/Notice….

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