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July 2003 – Jeb Bush signed to bill

Fri, July 18, 2003 10:09 am

Message: Jeb Bush signed to bill. Looks like Greyhound will get $1 million from the State and a matching $1 million in federal funds….

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July 2003 – Commissioners Nix Greyhound Plan

Wed, July 23, 2003

At yesterday’s County Board of Commissioners Meeting, the proposal for the Greyhound Terminal in the West Brickell area at the Metrorail Station was rejected unanimously by the Commissioners….

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Fall 2002 – The bus bench fiasco & where it stands…

Representatives from Sarmiento Outdoor Advertising, the company responsible for the new bus benches and advertising panels, met with BHA Directors to discuss remedies to the bus bench design and advertising plan that created the uproar throughout the City of Miami and City Hall a few months ago.

Sarmiento reported they are working with the City of Miami to revise their original plans so that in non-commercial areas they eliminate the advertising panels that began blocking …

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Fall 2002 – Airplane noise abatement: Nothing yet after five years

“This document has been five years in the making, proposes changes impacting only six percent of the entire Miami Airport operation, and nothing’s been achieved,” said Task Force member Patrick McCoy.

For two years members of the Airplane Noise Abatement Task Force had been waiting patiently for the Federal Aviation Administration to approve a proposal that would make the first inroads — albeit baby steps — toward establishing a noise abatement program at MIA. The big an…

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Summer 2002 – BHA protest sparks citywide objections

Bus benches are now a hot issue, literally and figuratively, after the BHA presented a special agenda item at the July 25th City of Miami Commission meeting. Bus benches manufactured similar to a skillet: black and metal. Bus benches with offensive, visually polluting advertising appendages that scream commercialism in the midst of a residential neighborhood. Bus benches that block sidewalks, impair visibility and seem to be going in wherever the most advertising can be sold….

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May 2002 – Resolution

The following Resolution has been duly adopted by the Brickell Homeowners Association on May 15, 2002.

The Brickell Homeowners Association, representing some 6,000 residential units in the neighborhood between the Miami River and 26th Roads including Brickell Key, requests that the City of Miami Commission recognize the importance of maintaining a residential, non-commercial ambiance in the Brickell Avenue Residential community and, to this end, exclude bus bench and bus s…

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Fall 2001 – Airport official updates BHA on security, noise issues

While always her top concern, safety and security now overshadow all other priorities for Miami International Airport Director Angela Gittens, senior staffer Miguel Southwell reported to BHA Directors at their October meeting.

“The public has to have the confidence to travel,” Mr. Southwell said, “We have to provide that confidence.”

Mr. Southwell, who worked with Director Gittens at the Atlanta airport before she recruited him to follow her to Miami as Assistant Direct…

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Spring 2001 – Airplane noise abatement: East flow test underway during night hours

An issue that requires heroic patience on the part of homeowners is the matter of airplane noise abatement. BHA continues to represent the neighborhood’s concerns on the county-wide Noise Abatement Task Force, as well as meet with airport officials and specialists about what can and is being done for relief.

As Brickell residents know all too well, east flow departures from Miami International Airport are the biggest noise problem for the neighborhood.

Currently a test,…

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Spring 2001 – Plastic surgeon’s office-1900 Brickell Avenue

President’s Column: Our “Alice-in-Wonderland” City Commission, By T. Sinclair (Tory) Jacobs

In retrospect, the Miami City Commission’s ruling on January 25, 2001 — the 242nd anniversary of Scotland’s renowned poet Robert Burns’ birth — seems disappointingly fitting.

The Miami City Commission voted 3-to-2 to uphold the City’s Acting Zoning Administrator’s ruling about the clause in City Commission Resolution 97-73, enacted January 23, 1997, for the 1900 Brickell Avenue…

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December 2000 – Neighborhood Matters: 1900 Brickell Avenue

BHA Needs You on Thursday, December 14, 2000, 5:00 p.m. at Miami City Hall, 3500 Pan American Drive, Coconut Grove

When the matter of 1900 Brickell Avenue will go before the entire Miami City Commission.

The Zoning Board on November 6 supported the Brickell Homeowners position 4 to 2 that medical and surgical procedures and Spa signage would not be permitted according to the original covenants in the Zoning Variance that was granted the plastic surgeon several years bac…

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