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Sign the Petition for Signalized Crosswalk on Brickell’s Southern End

BHA encourages you to let public officials hear from you that Brickell Avenue needs a safe, signalized pedestrian crosswalk at the southern end of the Avenue, around SE 25th Road. BHA has long advocated for this need, and our County Commissioner Xavier Suarez has urged us to create this petition to help the Brickell voice be heard. Please sign the petition and share it with your fellow residents!

Click here to sign the petition…

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Landscape architect’s “out of the box” idea worth a look, residents say

BHA directors and residents heard from Miami Landscape Architect Douglas Thompson about a concept he came up with to create park space in Brickell on the water. His vision for “Brickell Bay Park” piqued the interest of BHA directors and residents hearing about the idea for the first time on August 30th.
Mr. Thompson explained that he conceived of Brickell Bay Park as an answer to the shortage of quality public space in the Brickell neighborhood. His concept coverts Brick…

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Progress pledged on three major advocacy items

Editor’s Note: In late August BHA learned of positive forward action on three of our major advocacy items that neighbors have been patiently awaiting: 1814 Brickell Park Playground Renovation; Left Turn Arrows at SE 15th Road & Brickell; Replacement of Crosswalks. Since that time and right before we sent this issue to press, we experienced Hurricane Irma. Naturally, the timetable for each of these projects will be delayed since they rely on city and county functions and…

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Fall 2017 BHA News is Out

Our 75th Edition of the News features updates on three major advocacy items that are finally being addressed as well as an expanded special section on Education in the Urban Core. Guest columns by School Board reps and our City of Miami Commissioners discuss their perspective on ensuring educational excellence for Brickell and Downtown Miami.

Click here to get your advance copy of the Fall 2017 BHA News…

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Hurricane Irma Relief Information

Is your building’s electricity still out after the storm?
BHA Board Member and Membership Chair Lorena Arnold and her neighbors at the Solaris at Brickell Bay were in the same predicament days after Hurricane Irma hit the Brickell the area. Lorena’s bold advocacy efforts on behalf of her building resulted in them getting their power restored less than 24 hours after her initial inquiry.

You too can be your building’s hero by advocating for your group’s needs. Remember th…

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Tell them we need Mater Brickell Preparatory Academy for Brickell’s K-12 kids

Brickell families and residents, WE NEED YOU! To make our dream of a new Mater Brickell Preparatory Academy all that we hope it can be, we need your input TODAY.
Brickell has quickly become one of Miami’s most rapidly growing areas and a focal point for new businesses, young professionals, and growing families. The growth and transformation of the area has exacerbated the need for a high-quality educational option for the children of the urban core. With options limited an…

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Access to High Quality Schools in Miami’s Urban Core Takes Center Stage

BHA thanks everyone who attended the 2nd Annual Urban Core Education Forum. We could not have accomplished nor had the success we did without your participation.

Community events like the 2nd Annual Urban Core Education Forum are only possible through the generous support of many stakeholders. BHA would like to extend its gratitude to our friends at the Downtown Neighbors Alliance (DNA) and all the other Urban Core stakeholders who helped make this year’s Education Forum…

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May 31: BHA to focus on Urban Core education needs

Brickell Homeowners Association (BHA), in collaboration with our urban core stakeholder partners, is teaming up with Miami Dade College to host the 2nd Annual Urban Core Education Forum on Wednesday, May 31, 2017 at the Miami Dade College Chapman Conference Center, 300 NE 2nd Avenue, (Building 3, Room 3210), 8:30 a.m.-1 p.m.

The mission of the Forum is to bring together community leaders, residents, educators, businesses, and other stakeholders to address the state of educ…

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Southside Expansion Update: The Glades of West Brickell Plans Unvieled

Attendees at BHA’s Annual Meeting hosted at Morton’s got a preview of the proposed expansion plans for the new Southside K-8. Representatives from the four parties currently negotiating the final agreement, Mr. Albert Milo of Related Urban was joined by Ms. Lisa Martinez of Miami-Dade County Public Schools (MDCPS) in unveiling the plans for The Glades of West Brickell project. The Glades of West Brickell is a mixed-use project that will consist of two high rise towers of work…

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Mater Brickell Academy Update

BHA was honored to have held its first “Off-Brickell” meeting/event early the New Year at Mater Grove Academy. Leaders at Mater Academy, developers of a new charter school for the Brickell area—Mater Brickell Preparatory Academy—generously hosted our BHA board meeting in January (17th) to see one of their facilities firsthand and discuss plans for their Brickell school.

BHA board members Ernesto Cuesta a…

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