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Petition to stop rezoning request on Brickell Bay Drive underway

Activists for the Brickell Bay Drive area waterfront, between SE 14th and 15th Street, are petitioning the City of Miami to support their planning board’s denial in January of the the rezoning request by the owner of 240 SE 14th Street for a change that would allow a 60-story building to be constructed on the site. Residents say they do not want this large building blocking views they describe as “a stretch of green space along the Bay where people run, exercise, walk their d…

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Homeless Action Plan Forum on Feb. 12

Neighbors are encouraged to join the discussion with the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce on the challenges and reality of chronic homeless in Downtown Miami at a luncheon forum on Friday, February 12, at 12 noon. The goal is to exchange innovative ideas and discover potential collaborative solutions to move forward. Register to attend at

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Homelessness: A Plan, Progress for Housing

Homelessness is on the rise in Miami in 2015, the first time in years, as documented by outreach teams in January and reaffirmed with a census in August. Although concentrated in Miami’s Downtown urban core, the problem is overflowing into the Brickell community from the north, while directly south of Brickell, the homeless have a long-standing encampment in the rare hammock at Alice Wainwright Park. No one seems to be able to do anything about the encampment, which we are …

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Vote Tomorrow, Tuesday, November 3

Brickell residents are urged to vote November 3rd in the election for City of Miami Commissioner, District 2. This is an important seat impacting the Brickell community, as well as points north and south of our neighborhood. Here are the polling locations:

Eight of the nine declared candidates for the City of Miami Commissioner seat for District 2 participated in the Brickell/Downtown Candidates Forum presented by Becker & Poliakoff and hosted by BHA, Downtown Neig…

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Miami’s Homeless Crisis Continues Despite Millions

BY BILL FITCH, BHA VICE PRESIDENT – Like most major cities, Miami has an issue with homeless people living on our streets. There are many tragic stories about how they became homeless and, as a society, we have a responsibility to provide housing for them. In turn, as tax-paying citizens, we have a right to live in a clean, sanitary, safe environment. Caring for the needs of the homeless enhances our quality of life as well: cleaner streets and sidewalks, less harassment, a…

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Summer BHA News Examines Complex Issues

In this BHA News—our biggest ever in 25 years of publication—we cover all many complex and tough subjects, and in many cases, ask residents to make their voices heard. The cover story provides a comprehensive look at Southside Elementary and a movement to expand it to a K-8 school to better serve Brickell families. An update on The Underline is provided with residents urged to attend the public meetings. Another article looks at the homeless problems in Miami and provides…

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From the Sublime to the Mundane: The Nitty-Gritty of Growth

PRESIDENT GAIL FELDMAN’S MESSAGE FROM Winter 2015 BHA NEWS:We live in a city that’s growing at a dizzying pace. As we watch towers of unprecedented heights rise all around us, it’s both exciting and a bit frightening to those of us in the middle of it all.

At our January BHA meeting Peter Zalewski, of and Condo Vultures fame, shared astonishing statistics and his studied perspective of our current and previous booms. Peter’s information and knowle…

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Wise Counsel: Avoiding Election Fraud in Condos

Special to the BHA News Winter 2015 by Rosa de la Camara, BHA General Counsel: We have all heard stories for years that election fraud is commonplace in elections where votes have been cast by deceased citizens and residents without citizenship. Two years ago our own State of Florida election officials discovered that the state’s voter polls had more than 50,000 deceased voters still registered to vote. The humorous adage of “vote early and vote often” unfortunately is …

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Two Brickell Avenue Milestones Achieved

A large portion of Brickell Avenue, officially part of U.S. Highway 1, is finally under the control of the city instead of the state. This means that the long-sought changes needed to make Brickell Avenue safer for pedestrians—as well as for drivers—can be addressed by City and County government. At least, those are the hopes and dreams of BHA residents.

The top changes needed include:

Lowering the speed limit to 30 mph for all of Brickell Avenue, beginning at Sout…

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Median & Sidewalk Plan Restarted

September 2014 – The landscape architect firm for project, TY Lin International, provides a summary of the challenges of the Brickell median work, their approach to extending the existing median canopy, why some trees were destined for removal, why some trees were placed as they were, and other considerations in their approach to the project. While there appear to be some “growing pains” with several trees not seeming to take to their new home, most are happy with the sidew…

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