Fall 1996 – President’s Column By T. Sinclair (Tory) Jacobs: We Are Needed!

Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their Brickell neighborhood and, literally, stand up and be counted in our battle against Commercial Encroachment.

At the Miami City Commission meeting on Thursday evening, November 21st, all those present who are against granting a Special Exception permitting the conversion of a private residence at 1900 Brickell Avenue to a medical facility will be asked to stand.

Why We Should Be Standing There. . .

Numbers of bodies will demonstrate to the commissioners the importance of this issue to our community.

Whether we’d prefer preserving the residence to a 26-unit apartment complexa scenario some have suggestedis not the question. The 26-unit project is a “strawman.” No one has proposed such a project. The residence at 1900 Brickell has been on the market for some time. When a project is planned for this property some time in the future, it is far more likely to be a much lower density project to meet the market needs.

The critical consideration is commercial encroachment. . .commercial encroachment on the west side of Brickell Avenue between Southeast 15th and Southeast 25 Roads, 10 blocks designated “R-3.”

The “R” stands for residential. . .

We must keep it so to preserve the character of our neighborhood.

It just doesn’t work to grant a single exception and then expect the granting of no more exceptions. . .no matter what protective ordinances are offered by the City. Any ordinances enacted by the City can subsequently be reenacted. They offer no real protection.

The point is that if the Brickell residents send a strong enough message NOW that we fight to protect and preserve our neighborhood, we may not have to soon take up arms again.

So, stand up and be counted at the City Commission meeting at City Hall, 1500 Pan American Dr., Coconut Grove, on November 21st.

From BHA News, Fall 1996, Vol. VI, No. 3