Fall 1996 – Question: Commercial use of a Brickell Avenue residence? BHA says “no” now and for the future

On Nov. 21, 1996, the future of residential Brickell Avenue is up for con-sideration. The question is whether to allow the conversion of the private residence at 1900 Brickell Avenue into a medical office/clinic by a plastic surgeon.

The doctor and his attorney have asked for a “Special Exception” to the Zoning Code for the Brickell neighborhood which is residential only. While this medical practice may produce a nice, considerate business, advocates for residential Brickell fear what might be next, if concessions begin.

Both the Brickell Homeowners Association and the Miami Roads Neighborhood Civic Association have taken an unwavering stand against this proposed exception, which will be considered at the Nov. 21st Miami City Commission meeting, 1500 Pan American Dr., Coconut Grove.

What the law says

The City of Miami Zoning Code explicitly prohibits commercial business fronting Brickell Avenue from 15th to 25th Roads, and the Zoning Board upheld this restriction at a hearing in September. Nonetheless, the doctor and his attorney took the matter before the Miami City Commission meeting on October 24th asking for a Special Exception to the code.

With petitions from Brickell residents against the zoning change in one hand, and several residents brought in to the meeting by the attorney saying a doctor’s office there would be fine with them, it seems the commissioners were uncertain as to what neighboring residents really want. As a result, the commissioners deferred the matter to their November meeting and asked City staff to work out an “accommodation.”

The “accommodation” proposed is an ordinance limiting the use of the property if the doctor sells it in the future. . .an ordinance that can be undone just as easily as it can be created.

From BHA News, Fall 1996,  Vol. VI, No. 3