Fall 2002 – The bus bench fiasco & where it stands…

Representatives from Sarmiento Outdoor Advertising, the company responsible for the new bus benches and advertising panels, met with BHA Directors to discuss remedies to the bus bench design and advertising plan that created the uproar throughout the City of Miami and City Hall a few months ago.

Sarmiento reported they are working with the City of Miami to revise their original plans so that in non-commercial areas they eliminate the advertising panels that began blocking sidewalks and visually polluting Brickell Avenue and other roadways in July. BHA and other residential neighborhoods have said since January 2002 that they do not want the commercial messages in their front yards. Sarmiento told BHA Directors in mid-September that the four panels that were installed on Brickell Avenue will be removed, however, all four still remain, not coming out nearly as quickly as they appeared.

From BHA News Fall 2002, Vol. XII, No. 3