Winter 2008 – Party hours to be limited

After the ruckus caused by the late night/wee-hour party on Columbus Day last fall that kept some residents awake until 6 a.m., BHA and the city of Miami was barraged with complaints. Commissioner Sarnoff and Mayor Diaz agreed with BHA residents that quality of life shouldn’t be sacrificed for all-night parties. New noise limits have been set for parties and concerts in Miami parks with a mandated music ending time of 12 midnight. BHA residents agreed this was reasonable.

Bicentennial and Bayfront Parks instituted a midnight weekend curfew and 11 p.m. weekday curfew about three years ago for their special events when downtown and area residents began complaining, and the problem was solved.

Trash haulers warned of early morning limits

Residents in the 15th Road and Brickell Avenue area have been suffering from early morning trash pick ups at buildings. The noise of the trucks and the dumpsters they’re picking up, emptying and dropping has brought bitter complaints to no avail for a long time. NET Administrator Eddie Padilla has been working with managers in those buildings to adhere to the 7 a.m. start time, as specified in City Code, Chapter 22. Miami Police will provide enforcement if the haulers violate the law. Neighbors are urged to notify Officer Jeff Giordano or Eddie Padilla if violations (contact details page 7).

From BHA News Winter 2008, Vol XVIII, No. 1