Founding Philosophy Remains Key Today



BHA President Gail Feldman

“In unity there is strength.” These words reflected the guiding values of BHA’s founders 25 years ago, and remain just as relevant today. When Tory Jacobs and Attorney Henry Taylor got together to help neighbors address issues affecting all Brickell residents, they quickly recognized that a group of associations would have a stronger voice than one. Fourteen condominium associations answered their call to join forces, and the BHA was born in 1990.

As we face today’s issues, especially the ones covered in this edition of BHA News, we’re reminded that together we have a much better chance of making positive changes for our neighborhood and greater community. We’re covering some complex subjects here, and while we might not all agree on the steps for resolution, that we’re collectively talking about these concerns means a lot.

Your participation is especially meaningful as well. BHA volunteers are at the table on the issues that matter to all of us calling Brickell home: Education. Homelessness. Green space. Enrichment Opportunities. Quality of Life. Representation in Government. We invite you to join us.

In this BHA News—our biggest ever in 25 years of publication—we cover all these subjects, and in many cases, ask you to make your voice heard. The Underline is holding public meetings; Miami-Dade County Commissioners are considering steps to alleviate homeless problems; and Southside parents are actively advocating and need our support to create a better school to serve more families. Our Candidates Forum in September will give all neighbors a chance to meet those who might represent us.

We all approach things with our own perspectives developed from our unique life experiences and backgrounds. From all that diversity of ideas, inevitably comes the gems that become our solutions.

Join us at the table, at the podium and let your voice be heard! •