July 2003 – Greyhound Funding Bill Update

Email From: Gloria Konsler/Brickell Area Association

Wed, July 9, 2003

Last week I sent everyone an e-mail regarding a recently enrolled bill (SB 2070) that was awaiting the Governor’s signature or veto, a bill that would provide funding for the Greyhound Station in Brickell.

Here is some additional information I learned today:

The Governor has until the middle of next week to either sign into law or veto this bill. Unlike many other bills which may have numerous provisions included (and by vetoing the bill, all the good goes out with the bad provisions), this particular bill has only one provision, and that is to revise the definitions relating to the Florida Public Transit Act so that the only carrier who would meet the more narrowly defined definitions would be Greyhound …thereby giving Greyhound access to the State and Federal monies with no competition whatsoever.

Just so you understand, even if the Governor would veto the bill, Greyhound could still apply for the monies to build a station in Brickell, but they might have some competition for the money. (Therefore, it is still important for us to monitor the Greyhound situation closely at the local level.)

If you would like to comment as to whether or not the Governor should sign into law or veto SB2070, you should send your comments to him via his assistant as listed below:

Jeri D. Birkes
Office of the Governor
Tallahassee, Florida