Manager Spotlight: Katia Ettus…A portrait of warmth and efficiency

The phrase “Welcome Home” is the mantra of Community Association Manager Katia Ettus, and the greeting residents of Carbonell Condominium hear most often. From the reception desk, to the elevator and at points throughout the building, Katia implements small touches to create a pleasant and inviting environment.

Katia said, “The words, ‘welcome home,’ are important to me because I was a condo owner at a residence that didn’t offer that feeling. So I try to put myself in my residents’ shoes. We even roll out a red carpet on the weekends and try and make the small details unique.”

Katia is passionate about creating a home-like atmosphere. She emphasizes that communication between a property manager and residents is essential for creating a sense of community.

“When an owner comes home from being away, we warmly greet them, help them settle in, give them extra care and assist them with challenges ranging from language issues to email, mail and bill paying,” she says.

Additionally Carbonell hosts numerous special events throughout the year for residents and employees. The luxury, 40-story highrise with 284 units is situated on the corner of Brickell Key and provides spectacular vistas of Miami and Biscayne Bay.

“We are proud the Carbonell Condominium has a reputation as a building that is conveniently located, is well maintained and clean, has attractive comfortable common areas and emits an all-around friendly vibe,” Katia explains.

Katia moved to Miami from Brazil 23 years ago to join family and immediately began to teach herself English. She started her career working as an administrative assistant at the Charter Club and then the Fortune House. These jobs were her introduction to the chaotic world of property management.
Property management becomes a way of life
Soon Katia aquired her Condo Association Manager (CAM) and Professional Condo Association Manager (PCAM) licenses.

“When I obtained my CAM license, I was really unaware of how this profession could change my life forever,” she recalls. “Today, when I look at properties and high rises, I see beyond the architecture and location. I have an immediate understanding of what it takes to carry out a successful operation.”

“It is an endless routine of taking care of business, ensuring lifestyles, using common sense, surviving the haters, maintaining the likers, and, let’s not forget, mastering psychology, the basis of all successful outcomes,” she laughs.

Her enthusiasm for this field and her parent company, FirstService Residential, is evident. Katia says her personality matches property management work.

“I really like operations. I like to be in charge.  Property management is in my bloodstream and in my nervous system. You get to resolve issues, help maintain residents’ lifestyles. You must be a person who can keep things moving forward,” Katia said.

Property management requires knowledge about a vast range of topics including basic budgeting and accounting skills, boards of directors, construction and renovation, maintenance, security, disaster and emergency planning, special events planning, insurance requirements and association management.

Although Katia logs long work days as a property manager, including a daily commute from Broward County, her commitment to Carbonell Condominium
and her profession is her focus and priority.

Her passion and work ethic helped her achieve recognition as a Top 3 Finalist for the 2015 National Manager of the Year – the nation’s premier award for community managers.

Despite a hectic schedule, Katia enjoys being part of BHA and tries to attend all the meetings. She feels it is important for the neighborhood to come together and share information—especially the property managers. Katia likes how Brickell Homeowners keeps its members informed about traffic, security, and local politics and that it offers fun social events.

“It all comes back to the importance of creating a sense of community and cultivating community support,” she says with a smile. •