Mater Brickell Academy Update

BHA was honored to have held its first “Off-Brickell” meeting/event early the New Year at Mater Grove Academy. Leaders at Mater Academy, developers of a new charter school for the Brickell area—Mater Brickell Preparatory Academy—generously hosted our BHA board meeting in January (17th) to see one of their facilities firsthand and discuss plans for their Brickell school.


BHA board members Ernesto Cuesta and David Lucterhand with Miami Commissioner Francis Suarez.

Meeting attendees were greeted by the friendly and courteous Mater Academy staff and offered tours of the state-of-the-art school facilities. Attendees were also provided a timely update on the projects at Southside Elementary (renovation and K-8 expansion) by representatives from the school’s PTA.

The main event of the evening and the reason we were there was the presentation of the plans for the future Mater Brickell Academy. Mater Academy’s Antonio Roca and Rolando Llanes of Civica walked the audience through the Mater Brickell Academy project in great detail, providing a vivid picture of the three-acre, two-building, seven story community school and its surrounding environment from conception to opening day. Mater Academy staff addressed questions and comments from meeting attendees ranging from issues related to traffic, curriculum, negative impacts to current education assets, and the viability and long term sustainability of the proposed project. Although the proposed school would be in proximity to other education facilities (i.e. Southside Elementary) the increased population growth in Brickell and the surrounding urban core area justify the need for Mater Brickell Academy.


Mr. Antonio Roca, President, Mater Academy

Our friends from Mater Academy are in the process of submitting the Mater Brickell Academy project to the City of Miami for review and final approval. As part of that approval process there will be public hearings scheduled to garner public input. BHA, working with our friends at Mater Academy, will keep you informed of those meetings as we get word. In the meantime, please visit the Education Advocacy page on our website to learn more about what you can do to help advocate for this important project and/or other urban core education initiatives.

BHA wholeheartedly supports the approval of the Mater Brickell Academy project as we believe it is an important part of the solution to our areas need for access to high-quality schools. We urge all the parties to work diligently and thoughtfully to move this project along as quickly as possible. With the support of your advocacy efforts, we hold out the hope that students can begin attending classes at our new school by the 2019-2020 school year.