November 1995 – Brickell Avenue pavement rehabilitation

November 30, 1995

Jose Abreu, P.E.

District Secretary, District VI

Florida Department of Transportation

1000 NW 111 Ave., Rm 6207 C

Miami, FL 33172

RE: Brickell Avenue Pavement Rehabilitation

Dear Jose:

On September 15, 1995, we sent to you by messenger Dr. Attoh-Okine’s Survey Report of Highway Surface Condition on Brickell Avenue from S.W. 15th Road to S.E. 25th Road, along with a covering letter asking you to call with your comments.

As you know, Dr. Attoh-Okine of F.I.U. is a member of the FDOT Pavement Research Advisory Board. We had asked Dr. Attoh-Okine for recommendations at to what, if anything, could be done to improve the appearance of Brickell Avenue pavement . . . to remedy the patchwork, checkerboard look of the roadway. To our surprise and dismay, Dr. Attoh-Okine identified some structural problems with the newly installed slabs.

Though we did not get your direct response, we were advised by FDOT staff that there were no structural defects.

On Friday, November 17, 1995, a minimum of six new concrete slabs were installed in the 10 blocks of Brickell Avenue between 15th and 25th Roads. In fact, the barricade at Brickell and 15th facing north read “ROAD CLOSED” with no notation of “Local Traffic Only.” We have two problems with this:

1. If there were no defects, why were the slabs replaced?

2. FDOT District VI staff had assured Brickell Homeowners Association that they would be represented at our monthly board meetings until the project was

completed and that we would be advised in advance of all construction work.

FDOT was not represented at our November 15th board meeting and we were not informed of the weekend barricades and concurrent pavement repairs.

We are sorry that it appears that District VI staff have not been able to live up to their commitments to Brickell area residents.

We were very appreciative of FDOT’s Gus Graupera bringing Dr. Jamshid Armaghani of FDOT’s State Materials Office in Gainesville to our October Board Meeting. Dr. Armaghani was most understanding of our concerns regarding the mismatched pavement coloration and agreed to explore solutions, including the testing of various paints, stains, coatings and bleaches as suggested by BHA members, provided the tests were approved by District VI. He also suggested testing use of a joint filler to provide a quieter, more comfortable ride.

Since the October 18th meeting, District VI staff has not found time to follow through with Dr. Armaghani.

Jose, awhile back, we agreed that there had been some communications problems between FDOT/District VI and the Brickell residents. We thought we had overcome the problems and established not only good communications, but also a climate of goodwill and mutual respect. During the “honeymoon” period you were most gracious in funding enhancement of the median landscaping.

At this time, it appears that the honeymoon is over. Must it be so? Must the Brickell Homeowners Association change its name to “Checkerboard Square” Homeowners Association?


T. Sinclair (Tory) Jacobs, President, BHA