October 2012 – Getting up to speed

This background information about Brickell Avenue will help newcomers or anyone confused as to why we cannot better control it for safety.

The Florida Department of Transportation controls Brickell Avenue because it is part of U.S. Highway 1, a federal highway. For years BHA has been asking FDOT to make the speed limit on all of Brickell Avenue 30 mph. North of SE 15th Road to the Miami River is 30 mph, but from SE 15th Road south to SE 26th Road had always been 40 mph.

A month after a beloved long-time, Brickell resident was struck and killed when crossing Brickell Avenue, and at our urging and that of Commissioner Sarnoff, and with Herald news coverage of the speeding problem, FDOT announced in December 2010 that it would lower the speed limit to 35 mph on the southern portion of Brickell. And, during the roadway resurfacing project, they would make it 30 mph.

Despite our advocating that it remain at the safer 30 mph, FDOT is keeping to their word and bringing it back up to the 35 mph now that the resurfacing project is complete.