Rosa de la Camara: Trusted Advisor to Homeowners Associations

BHA Executive Board member Rosa de la Cámara considers herself a “Miami girl.” Born in Cuba, she fled with her family as a three year old and settled in “paradise” on Key Biscayne. She matriculated through a quality South Florida education path as a graduate of Lourdes Academy, Florida International University and University of Miami Law School.

After law school, she joined the law firm Becker & Poliakoff where she has worked for 27 years concentrating her practice on representing community associations and addressing complex issues involving Boards of Directors, unit owners, managers and state and local policymakers. She is renowned for her well-honed skills and has served on and been appointed to numerous offices and boards at the State and local levels.

As a young lawyer, Rosa says she initially, “fell into this complicated and specialized area of law and continued to develop an expertise in this niche.” Her passion for this field is fueled by her love of helping people and addressing complicated issues.

Her ongoing enthusiasm for serving as a member of numerous associations is admirable. Rosa said that, “as an attorney, I am particularly interested in serving as a trusted advisor.” She enjoys interfacing with clients and serving as General Counsel to dozens of associations.

“I may not be an expert in every discipline, but I have the ability to get the right people in touch with one another in order to provide them with sound legal advice and I like to work closely with clients in that sense,” she said.

As a BHA Executive Board member, Rosa brings her wealth of knowledge to the table in support of BHA advocacy efforts, membership development, association initiatives and community information dissemination. Rosa’s experience gives her keen insight into the strengths of BHA.

“BHA outshines most civic organizations because its members are so committed to the Brickell neighborhood and its advocacy efforts. BHA is also very effective and very good at what it does because it offers an educational forum and has a long-term consistency that is extremely professional,” she said. “BHA’s dedicated leadership and its ability to communicate effectively through its print and email network is also highly effective.”

Rosa says that BHA is similar to other associations in the sense that Miami is experiencing a burst of neighborhood associations and advocacy groups; however, BHA has the benefit of having established leadership and longevity.

“Rosa is the consummate professional,” BHA President Gail Feldman said. “We have been so fortunate to have her insight, advice and knowledge as our general counsel.”

As BHA continues to expand its influence in tandem with the growth of Brickell Avenue, Rosa sees room for improvement in the areas of offering more sponsored community events and educational forums.

“BHA can capitalize on promoting these events through social media opportunities and communication efforts to deliver even more advocacy impact though expanded membership and awareness,” says Rosa.

Rosa suggests growing BHA membership by holding membership drives with incentives from Brickell area restaurants and businesses and working to sponsor events beyond just BHA’s footprint. She cites the Town Hall concept as a way to expand BHA’s scope.

For example, in June Becker & Poliakoff hosted a Town Hall meeting at Mercy Hospital where the firm partnered with other organizations to encourage membership drives to strengthen advocacy efforts and information exchange among multiple associations.

More than 90 guests attended the event which had an agenda focused on making condo and homeowner leaders aware of new laws impacting how they do business.

Representatives were there from the Downtown Neighbors Alliance and Biscayne Neighborhoods Alliance.

“Partnering with other groups strengthens all associations’ purpose and advocacy efforts and raises overall awareness,” says Rosa.

Rosa’s passion for her clients and the associations she serves also extends to her zest for spending her personal time exploring the world.

“I enjoy traveling off the beaten path and have a bucket list of travel destinations. I have traveled to Dubai, Africa, Morocco and seize the opportunity to travel whenever I can get away. When I am not traveling, I enjoy many of the wonderful things Miami has to offer. I am a ‘foodie’ and enjoy trying new restaurants and boating with friends. I am lucky to have a large family in Miami and spend time with my parents and numerous nieces and nephews.”

Stated exactly like a real Miami girl.

From BHA News Vol. XXIV No. 2, Summer/Fall 2014