Single-Stream Recycling comes to Brickell

Special to BHA News by Kelly L. Jackson

The Metropolitan Condominium is going green and encourages all of Brickell to take action! Over the past year, the Metropolitan adopted single-stream recycling and would like to help other buildings participate. WSI (Waste Services Inc.) of Miami as well as other trash and recycling companies now offer “single-stream” recycling which means you no longer have to separate your recyclable materials (i.e. all plastics, metals, papers go into one bag). In addition, you can now recycle many more items including plastics #1-7, all types of paper and paperboard (even shredded paper), and more.

Single-stream collection and processing systems are designed to handle this commingled mixture of recyclables and do the separating for you. Recycling has never been easier.recyclegraphic

To take this a step further, the Metropolitan also offers recycling collection of cardboard boxes, batteries, and printer ink cartridges for its residents.

How can you bring single-stream recycling to your building? Please contact your building management office to see if your building can change to single-stream recycling. Your trash/recycling company most likely offers this service and it’s just a matter of your building communicating the new guidelines to the residents. If you have questions or would like to receive example recycling guides in both English and Spanish that you can adapt for your building, please contact Kelly Jackson (

Want to know more about why recycling is important? Check out this link.

For more information on recycling in Miami, check out the Environmental Coalition of Miami & the Beaches’ Recycling Resource Database at this link.

Kelly L. Jackson is a resident of The Metropolitan Condominium where she has lived since 2004. Kelly is pursuing her Ph.D. in Marine Geology at the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science.

From BHA News Vol. XXII No. 2, Fall 2012