Effort to Expand Southside Elementary to K-8 Needs You

The PTA is continuing its effort to renovate and expand Southside Elementary. BHA supports the PTA’s vision of providing what Brickell families need: a new, state-of-the-art public school facility that can serve children kindergarten through 8th grade on a single site.

Located at 45 SW 13th Street, Southside Elementary is the only public school in Brickell. It currently operates at over-capacity, with half of its buildings closed due to unsound structural conditions.

With Brickell growing exponentially, and no middle school options within our urban core, this project is needed to make Brickell a place where families can continue their urban lifestyle knowing that their children will receive the best education possible…the education that we pay for with our tax dollars.
The BHA Board is supporting this effort and urges all to sign the Southside PTA’s petition at to help convince local leaders and developers to fund this much-needed project.

Click here to sign the petition: