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Southside Expansion Update: The Glades of West Brickell Plans Unvieled

Attendees at BHA’s Annual Meeting hosted at Morton’s got a preview of the proposed expansion plans for the new Southside K-8. Representatives from the four parties currently negotiating the final agreement, Mr. Albert Milo of Related Urban was joined by Ms. Lisa Martinez of Miami-Dade County Public Schools (MDCPS) in unveiling the plans for The Glades of West Brickell project. The Glades of West Brickell is a mixed-use project that will consist of two high rise towers of workforce/affordable housing totaling more than 500 units with a new secondary school and parking garage sharing space in-between the residential towers. Once approved the school project would take approximately two years to complete.

The project partners are asking for BHA and the Brickell community’s ideas for what we’d like to see in our new school. Please take some time to review the proposed plans below carefully. You are invited and encouraged to share your project ideas, questions, and/or comments at

BHA supports the current efforts and we are hopeful of the timely resolution of this pressing community issue. We look forward to the announcement of the successful completion of negotiations and a final project timeline soon.

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