Spring 1999 – Survey results: Traffic, aircraft noise & development control top residents’ concerns list

Residents responding to an informal survey about quality of life issues in the Brickell neighborhood consistently cited traffic and aircraft noise as issues that need addressing, along with control of development. The general appearance of the area and landscaping of the Brickell medians followed close behind in concerns noted by residents responding to the poll published in the last BHA News.

In response to the question about how the quality of life overall has changed in the time they’ve been living in the Brickell neighborhood, 43% of respondents said it has “gotten worse” in the time they’ve lived here; 36% said it’s “remained about the same” and 21% said it has “gotten better.”

Those that said they’ve seen improvements were generally residents living here longer (15 years and more) and cited the increased services such as grocery stores, restaurants and dry cleaners within walking distance. A number said they’d like to see more amenities within walking or a short driving distance such as bookstores and movie theaters.

Speeding was a reoccurring concern with suggestions to lower the speed limit to 30 or 40 m.p.h. instead of the current 45 m.p.h., which many felt is not observed or adequately enforced.

The words “moratorium” and “development” came up a lot, with many residents saying the area is congested enough and that any new development should be carefully considered. As one respondent wrote:

“Developers are allowed to do what they want whether more construction is needed or not. How about a waterfront park instead of another condo?”

Other selected comments:

“Less new construction; no zoning variances whatsoever.”

“Moratorium on further development without a plan for quality of life.”

“Street is dirty, badly maintained and needs paving…. The landscaping is terrible and the commercial signs and bus stops with advertising is unsightly.”

“More traffic lights, speed deterrents, police presence and action to control traffic.”

Some common courtesy issues:

“Fewer bicyclists on the sidewalks.”

“Dog owners need ‘pooper scooper’ laws.”

“Residents exiting condos [in cars] should stop for pedestrian traffic, look to left and right before pulling out.”

Questions & suggestions:

“Could we incorporate away from the City of Miami?”

“Employers should provide incentives for employees to use Metrorail and Metromover.”

“Downtown development…boost cultural activities close to Brickell.”

Our favorite comment:

“We appreciate the work of BHA!”

From BHA News, Spring 1999, Vol. IX, No. 2