Summer 2007 – Enforcement, education to be key in effort

The BHA Task Force for Canine Courtesy headed by Claudia Bruce and hugely assisted by NET Administrator Liza Walton investigated getting disposal bags and receptacles installed along Brickell Avenue in the continuing quest to improve the situation for walkers, joggers and other residents running across dog waste on the public sidewalks and greenways.

A myriad of roadblocks make getting the dispensers installed impossible, even if the association were to pick up the tab for their purchase. Instead, properties are being encouraged to do as the Four Seasons Residences and other condos have done, and make the bags available to residents on their way out of the buildings for dog walks.

The combination of education (signs) and enforcement (police writing citations for those who violate the ordinance and do not pick up after their pets) will be used.

The following letter is being sent to Property Managers to share with their residents.

From BHA News, Vol. XVII, No. 2, Summer 2007