Victory! Brickell Avenue Control Shifts Local

Congratulations Brickell Avenue Residents…Your voices were heard! FDOT will relinquish control of Brickell Avenue in a swap giving the City of Miami jurisdiction from SE 8th Street to I-95. Safety measures, including a reduced speed limit, more crosswalks and signals for pedestrians, are among the chief areas of concern we will now address. Not to mention the appearance of Brickell, which we anticipate will also be significantly improved in the coming months.


FDOT’s disregard for Brickell reflected in this haphazard signage treatment, February 2013.

This deal was made possible by Commissioner Marc Sarnoff, who found a way to make it happen with FDOT, which for years has resisted nearly all of BHA’s attempts to improve Brickell Avenue and make it safer. We also thank Senator Miquel Diaz De La Portilla, who was instrumental in the negotiations, and City Manager Johnny Martinez and Deputy Manager Alice Bravo for all their behind-the-scenes work on behalf of the Brickell community to get all parties to agree.

Commissioner Sarnoff to BHA after the vote: “Congratulations Brickell. You are the owners and now Stewards of Brickell Avenue. The resolution passed 3-0 (Commissioners Spence Jones and Carollo not present)…Now as your Trustees, we must bring Brickell from the B standard it is to the A standard it so deserves. For now, celebrate.”

“Commissioner Marc Sarnoff has done more for Brickell than any other elected official in the BHA history,” BHA President Ernesto Cuesta said. “He has listened to us, brought us a park, artwork, and soon, a safer, more beautiful Brickell Avenue. He is a leader who has represented our interests.”

Residents have high hopes for the pending sidewalk and median beautification plan the Commissioner has gotten funded for Brickell Avenue, to commence in August, according to the current timetable. It will include wider sidewalks with a running path and new median landscaping. See article.