Winter 2008 – Canine courtesy pilot a success

BHA’s Canine Courtesy Program, launched with the assistance of Miami Police Department Officer Jeff Giordano and NET Administrator Liza Walton in the fall, was successful in educating residents about picking up waste after their dogs. More buildings are installing the baggie dispensers by their exits to assist their dog owners, after BHA met with right-of-way and legal hurdles to installing them throughout the neighborhood. BHA funded a pilot of off-duty police officers monitoring the neighborhood on foot, passing out informational flyers and citing those few residents who did not comply.

Commenting on the change in attitude and behavior he saw over time since he himself manned many of the patrol shifts, Officer Jeff Giordano said: “Once the people know you’re out there and writing tickets, it’s amazing what they’ll find to pick up waste with.” Handkerchiefs, the day’s unread sports page, nothing is spared to stave off a ticket!