Winter 2009 – Residents urge canine courtesy program encore

BHA’s Canine Courtesy Program was launched in fall 2007 in partnership with Miami Police, Officer Jeff Giordano and NET Administrator Liza Walton. The program combined education and enforcement. BHA funded off-duty police officers who monitored the neighborhood on foot, passing out informational flyers and citing those residents who did not comply. Liza Walton led the outreach and communications to building and property managers in the area so they could help spread the word and raise awareness that owners are required to pick up after their dogs.

The program was successful in educating residents, most felt at the time. The officers who worked the shift (not really a popular off-duty gig), reported people changing their ways and being aware that there was a “police presence” on the matter. The officers watched dog owners notice the off-duty cop, and find “whatever” to pick up after their pooping pet.

The real human trick, of course, is to get this behavior on a regular, unmonitored basis.

BHA is funding the program again in 2009. Dog owners with pooping pooches: Don’t forget your doggie bag!