Geographic Area

The BHA encompasses a relatively small geographic area — about 20 blocks between the Miami River and the Rickenbacker Causeway plus Brickell Key. However, the area includes some 40,000+ residents with more developments being built or in the planning stages in the area and in the Central Business District to the north.

“To visualize, BHA Founder Tory Jacobs used to say, if the member homeowners of BHA were horizontally aligned on 60-foot-wide lots instead of vertically situated as they are now in the high rises, the number of households represented would stretch all the way up the coast from Miami City Hall in Coconut Grove to West Palm Beach.” It’s been several years since Tory’s passing and considerable growth in the interim, so now the equivalent stretch up the coast of Florida would take you to St. Augustine, Florida, close to the Georgia line and not far from Tory’s boyhood stomping grounds.