Legislative & Advocacy Agenda


BHA tackles a number of issues related to safety and quality of life. Progress or improvement was made in many areas, and many key issues remain on agenda for 2019. BHA is working closely with City, County and State representatives on these various neighborhood and community concerns.

Traffic & Pedestrian Safety

  • Add a traffic signal at Brickell Avenue and SE 14th Street.
  • Improve the eastbound left turn lane on 26th Road going north onto Brickell Avenue where the lane configuration needs to be changed to discourage illegal and dangerous left turns from the second lane or striped area.
  • Improve crosswalks throughout the district for pedestrian safety; study SE 25 Road area.
  • Reduce traffic disruptions caused by illegal blockages by delivery, utility and other vehicles.

Landscaping & Beautification

  • Complete previous Brickell Avenue Improvement Plan: Ground cover or other solution for tree base areas on swales left with dirt and gravel, replacement of the swale grass; Replace trees that did not establish.
  • Improve Brickell median and swale landscape maintenance.
  • Improve the system of utility markings that leaves our sidewalks, streets and public spaces littered with spray paint creating unsightly sidewalk graffiti throughout the community.

Parks and Green space

  • Monitor maintenance of 1814 Brickell Park.
  • Clear homeless encampment in the rare hammock of Alice Wainwright Park.
  • Support development of The Underline. (BHA Resolution, March 4, 2015)
  • Continue to seek additional green space and support for the existing ecological resources in the community.

Education in Brickell Community

  • Provide improved public school options for Brickell children K-12.
  • Support and monitor Southside Elementary Conversion to a  K-8 school. (See BHA Resolution, April 22, 2015)

Impact Fees

  • Ensure the proper and legal use of fees to be invested in infrastructure that will mitigate impacts in the area affected by development, and not to be diverted to the general fund.

Garbage & Waste Hauling

  • Provide condominium owners with refunds or garbage service. Condo homeowners have historically been assessed in property taxes for garbage collection but don’t get the service; high-rise buildings —whether commercial or residential—must pay a private waste hauler for service.

Police Coverage of the Brickell area

  • Secure a patrol unit dedicated to the Brickell neighborhood.