BHA Files Suit Against Ultra Move to Virginia Key

Brickell Homeowners Association was founded 29 years ago to safeguard quality of life for the Brickell neighborhood community. The very first issue was noise from Biscayne Bay by jet skis operated in the Bay along the condo corridor making up Brickell Avenue. That victory limiting their distance and noise was the catalyst for the condo associations to come together on issues of common concern.

The Ultra Music Festival was relocated to Virginia Key from Bayfront Park by the City of Miami. The move was made public in January. Residents in the Brickell community—who have witnessed firsthand the tremendous disruption and noise from Ultra for Downtown residents for many years—are upset by the move.

The Ultra weekend-long event is notorious for the commotion and disturbance it brings to those in its path. Hotels in other parts of Miami offer “Ultra Escape” packages for the event, testament to how difficult it is for those unfortunate enough to be nearby. Downtown condo owners tell of light fixtures inside their apartments trembling and shaking from the deep pounding base, that goes on and on for hours.

Brickell residents also know firsthand that sound from Virginia Key and Key Biscayne travels well over Biscayne Bay. This is a frequent problem for the Brickell community when car stereos along Hobie Beach are blasted. Sound reaches upper-floor apartments along the Brickell corridor unimpeded, especially at night. The decibel levels disrupt normal life, and sleep can be impossible. News that Ultra, with its mega speakers, would be permitted until 2 a.m. felt like a second kick in the teeth to Brickell residents.

No officials from the City of Miami consulted with BHA when the plans to move the concert from Bayfront Park to Virginia Key were hatched, leaving neighbors feeling blindsided. BHA is hearing from residents with concerns for small children and the elderly. They say they do not understand how their neighborhoods qualify of life is so easily sacrificed for this event that yields its private owners millions of dollars in revenue every year. Residents of Brickell deserve better. Residents of the City of Miami deserve better.

BHA has filed a lawsuit against the City of Miami seeking to stop the Ultra Festival from taking place on Virginia Key March 29-31, 2019.