BHA and our Brickell Community Need You!

Are You Willing to Serve Brickell and our Surrounding Community?

BHA has been in discussions with officials from the City of Miami’s leadership to discuss the re-invigoration of some of the City’s Boards and Committees. As part of these discussions, BHA has made the commitment that our Board of Director’s and membership will make themselves available for active service on the City’s Boards and Committees.  It’s time for BHA and other Brickell residents to bring our issues to the forefront through our active participation in our government!

If you would like to learn more about the City Boards and Committees BHA will be working on with the City please contact BHA’s Director of Advocacy, Sam Joseph at sjoseph@brickellhomeowners.com. Click here for more information about the City of Miami’s Board and Committees. BHA members and Brickell resident input is critical to promoting the mission of BHA and respond to the growing needs of our dynamic community.

If you have the time and interest in volunteering on behalf of Brickell or BHA on a City board or committee, please send your contact information and service area of interest to info@brickellhomeowners.com and we’ll help you get the process started with our friends from the City.

Thank you for your service to our community.