Brickell Ave. Aesthetics


Artificial turf is a no-go, to be replaced with grass

When the narrow swales of grass along Brickell started getting pulled up and replaced with artificial turf, neighbors took notice. Many spoke up, and by a margin of about 10 to 1, most did not like the artificial grass. Not at all. It was called tacky, and worse, and many expressed concern over how it would withstand the many dogs using it for their poop and pee.

Although some reports said it was BHA’s plan, BHA officers were as surprised as neighbors by the radical plan…

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Progress pledged on three major advocacy items

Editor’s Note: In late August BHA learned of positive forward action on three of our major advocacy items that neighbors have been patiently awaiting: 1814 Brickell Park Playground Renovation; Left Turn Arrows at SE 15th Road & Brickell; Replacement of Crosswalks. Since that time and right before we sent this issue to press, we experienced Hurricane Irma. Naturally, the timetable for each of these projects will be delayed since they rely on city and county functions and…

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Mismatched, unappreciated flourish not right for Brickell Avenue

BHA directors were just as surprised as residents to see the very out-of-place, black “tree guards” being installed in early February on Brickell Avenue. The “little fences,” as some residents referred to them, made a prominent architectural statement, mismatched with the modern high-rises all around. They provoked numerous objections. Installation stopped after the City’s contractor completed only a few surrounds.
The tree guards were to address one of the lingeri…

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Two Brickell Avenue Milestones Achieved

A large portion of Brickell Avenue, officially part of U.S. Highway 1, is finally under the control of the city instead of the state. This means that the long-sought changes needed to make Brickell Avenue safer for pedestrians—as well as for drivers—can be addressed by City and County government. At least, those are the hopes and dreams of BHA residents.

The top changes needed include:

Lowering the speed limit to 30 mph for all of Brickell Avenue, beginning at Sout…

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Two major Brickell projects suffer delays

Two major Brickell initiatives stalled for months might finally be moving forward… hopefully…
Transfer of Control of Brickell Avenue
The first matter — the transfer of control of Brickell Avenue from the State’s FDOT to local authorities — was approved by FDOT and the City of Miami Commission in June. Thank you to those residents who answered BHA’s call to let authorities know we favor this transfer of jurisdiction where the “highway” passes through our neig…

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Victory! Brickell Avenue Control Shifts Local

Congratulations Brickell Avenue Residents…Your voices were heard! FDOT will relinquish control of Brickell Avenue in a swap giving the City of Miami jurisdiction from SE 8th Street to I-95. Safety measures, including a reduced speed limit, more crosswalks and signals for pedestrians, are among the chief areas of concern we will now address. Not to mention the appearance of Brickell, which we anticipate will also be significantly improved in the coming months.

[caption id…

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Progress Report: Brickell Avenue Improvements

BHA Board members were sad but not surprised to learn that many of the trees in the Brickell median will have to be replaced due to disease and damage. But, on the positive side, Commissioner Sarnoff said the funds are available and the replacements will be tall, robust trees.

The Brickell Avenue median and sidewalks project will most likely start in August, Commissioner Sarnoff reported to the BHA Boa…

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Calling all artists!

The vision of adding art to Brickell Avenue became a reality in December as the first installment featuring six sculptures debuted during a public art walk with city officials, the artists, BHA board members and neighbors.

Starting and ending at 1814 Brickell Park, the group made their way down Brickell to learn about the artists and their sculptures situated along the avenue. Stops were made at each piece for photo ops with the artists and a brief explanation of each work…

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Why our sidewalks are covered in spray paint

One of the most egregious visual blights in the Brickell neighborhood is right under our feet. “Sidewalk graffiti” is everywhere you go. But the taggers in this case aren’t willful youth seeking self-expression, but rather utility company workers (or their subcontractors) who are laying horizontal markings to delineate where critical infrastructure lines are below.

Their unsightly markings have been a major issue for our community for a long time, especially exacerba…

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Fall 2012 – Brickell Avenue makeover in the works

BHA continues to work with Miami Commissioner Marc Sarnoff on a comprehensive beautification plan for Brickell Avenue. As we contemplate how to make the Avenue realize its glorious entryway potential, we’re challenged to find aesthetically pleasing solutions to accommodate a great variety of users within Brickell Avenue’s limited space. Another challenge is to come up with a plan to address the forces working to undo or shorten the life of any improvements.

The Commiss…

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