Brickell Avenue Safety


Victory! Brickell Avenue is finally 30 mph all the way

After years of advocating for a 30-mph speed limit on Brickell Avenue all the way from the Miami River to Southeast 26th Road, BHA was happy to see the change finally came, just in time for the winter holidays. The 30 mph speed limit signs were installed along the southern portion of Brickell Avenue in December, from SE 15th Road to SE 26th Road, a stretch that was 40 mph until six years ago.

Perhaps 10 miles per hour doesn’t sound like a big deal to those new to the are…

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Two Brickell Avenue Milestones Achieved

A large portion of Brickell Avenue, officially part of U.S. Highway 1, is finally under the control of the city instead of the state. This means that the long-sought changes needed to make Brickell Avenue safer for pedestrians—as well as for drivers—can be addressed by City and County government. At least, those are the hopes and dreams of BHA residents.

The top changes needed include:

Lowering the speed limit to 30 mph for all of Brickell Avenue, beginning at Sout…

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Two major Brickell projects suffer delays

Two major Brickell initiatives stalled for months might finally be moving forward… hopefully…
Transfer of Control of Brickell Avenue
The first matter — the transfer of control of Brickell Avenue from the State’s FDOT to local authorities — was approved by FDOT and the City of Miami Commission in June. Thank you to those residents who answered BHA’s call to let authorities know we favor this transfer of jurisdiction where the “highway” passes through our neig…

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Public Hearing on control of Brickell Avenue, 1-21-2014

The transfer of the control of Brickell Avenue from the State and its Florida Department of Transportation to local authorities has been desired and sought by the Brickell community and was approved last summer in a street swap agreement spearheaded by Commissioner Marc Sarnoff at the urging of residents and BHA. The City Commission approved taking on the responsibility for the roadway stretch between S.E. 8th Street south to SE 26th Road.

The State, however, has stalled t…

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Victory! Brickell Avenue Control Shifts Local

Congratulations Brickell Avenue Residents…Your voices were heard! FDOT will relinquish control of Brickell Avenue in a swap giving the City of Miami jurisdiction from SE 8th Street to I-95. Safety measures, including a reduced speed limit, more crosswalks and signals for pedestrians, are among the chief areas of concern we will now address. Not to mention the appearance of Brickell, which we anticipate will also be significantly improved in the coming months.

[caption id…

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On June 13, control of Brickell could shift from FDOT

But your voice is needed. Pending before the City of Miami Commission is proposed legislation that would have the Florida Department of Transportation and the City of Miami swap jurisdiction over several Miami streets. If approved, control of Brickell Avenue from Southeast Eighth Street to I-95 would pass from the FDOT to the elected Miami government officials and Miami Police who have supported the community’s outcry to lower the speed limit and make Brickell safer for ped…

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October 2012 – FDOT agrees to some fixes; opposes 30 mph

Photo: FDOT seemingly eager to raise Brickell Avenue speed limit back to 35 mph, despite community pleas.

Consensus, by its very nature, isn’t easy to come by. That’s why it’s remarkable that everyone who lives, works and plays in Brickell seems to agree that a moderate 30 mph speed limit in the Brickell corridor is a good idea. The people who walk, cycle, stroll and drive in the area—those we’d call “stakeholders” in community-speak—agree. Their local elec…

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October 2012 – Getting up to speed

This background information about Brickell Avenue will help newcomers or anyone confused as to why we cannot better control it for safety.

The Florida Department of Transportation controls Brickell Avenue because it is part of U.S. Highway 1, a federal highway. For years BHA has been asking FDOT to make the speed limit on all of Brickell Avenue 30 mph. North of SE 15th Road to the Miami River is 30 mph, but from SE 15th Road south to SE 26th Road had always been 40 mph.

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July 2012 – FDOT agrees to some safety improvements for Brickell Ave.

Florida Transportation Secretary Prasad visited with elected officials and BHA representatives in June 2012 to discuss Brickell Avenue safety. FDOT agreed to some measures advocated by BHA that have long been key items on BHA’s Legislative Agenda. The most important concession from FDOT is that the dangerous flashing beacon at the 1800 block in front of the new 1814 Brickell Park is to be changed to a pedestrian-activated red light. Full PDF of letter….

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June 2012 – Miami Herald covers Brickell safety woes

The Miami Herald has covered and supported BHA’s position and the desire of folks living and working in the area to improve safety conditions for pedestrians as well as motorists in the area. From the Herald archives:

Opinion: Slow it down on Brickell: DOT should reduce speed limit on roadway, June 1, 2012
Miami cops crack down on Brickell motorists who won’t yield to pedestrians, May 30, 2012
El Nuevo Herald article, Daniel Shoer Roth, Peatones vs. veheculos, Dec….

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