Canine Courtesy


Canine Courtesy Please! Police cracking down on dogs

Many Brickell neighbors are fed up with dog owners who don’t abide by the laws that require dogs to be on leashes and to be picked up after. Police and BHA have been inundated with complaints, so our Neighborhood Resource Officer Daniel Rodriguez informs us Miami Police will be enforcing the Dog Leash and Pooper Scooper (Nuisance) Laws and imposing fines.

The Dog Leash law is straightforward:
Your dog is not permitted to roam free off your private property. When your dog …

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Canine Courtesy or Scatological CSI: A Doggie “Whodunnit?”

Probably the number one complaint we hear from Brickell neighbors is about dog owners who don’t scoop their (dog’s) poop. Now there’s a way to “sniff out the culprits” and make them pay for their crimes. We’re hearing that many communities around the world are finding the answer in implementing “Poo Prints,” a dog waste DNA database system, in an effort to catch owners who don’t clean up after their pets.

BioPet Vet Lab of Knoxville, Tennessee, provides i…

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Winter 2009 – Residents urge canine courtesy program encore

BHA’s Canine Courtesy Program was launched in fall 2007 in partnership with Miami Police, Officer Jeff Giordano and NET Administrator Liza Walton. The program combined education and enforcement. BHA funded off-duty police officers who monitored the neighborhood on foot, passing out informational flyers and citing those residents who did not comply. Liza Walton led the outreach and communications to building and property managers in the area so they could help spread the wor…

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Winter 2008 – Canine courtesy pilot a success

BHA’s Canine Courtesy Program, launched with the assistance of Miami Police Department Officer Jeff Giordano and NET Administrator Liza Walton in the fall, was successful in educating residents about picking up waste after their dogs. More buildings are installing the baggie dispensers by their exits to assist their dog owners, after BHA met with right-of-way and legal hurdles to installing them throughout the neighborhood. BHA funded a pilot of off-duty police officers monit…

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Summer 2007 – Enforcement, education to be key in effort

The BHA Task Force for Canine Courtesy headed by Claudia Bruce and hugely assisted by NET Administrator Liza Walton investigated getting disposal bags and receptacles installed along Brickell Avenue in the continuing quest to improve the situation for walkers, joggers and other residents running across dog waste on the public sidewalks and greenways.

A myriad of roadblocks make getting the dispensers installed impossible, even if the association were to pick up the tab f…

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