Development Projects


The Underline: A 10-mile linear park for Miami

The Underline is perhaps the most exciting public-private partnership project to come to the residents of Miami-Dade in a long time. This project could forever transform the land below Miami’s Metrorail into a 10-mile linear park and urban trail. Many BHA Board members and other attendees heard about it at the March BHA meeting where we were impressed and inspired by the concept Meg Daly presented. The BHA Board voted to endorse the project that evening. The Underline has n…

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Inside the Condo Boom; Is Bust to Come?

In this compelling review of the area’s high-rise history and analysis of the condo marketplace’s current boom, Miami condo development guru Peter Zalewski provides insights and forecasts for what lies ahead. He reviews the 71 new condo towers proposed for Greater Downtown Miami during this cycle in this article, which recaps his keynote address to the BHA in January 2015.
Peter Zalewski talks about the current bo…

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Voters approve Grove Waterfront Plan

The plan to remake the waterfront area of Coconut Grove was approved by voters on the November 5, 2013 ballot. The plan remakes a rundown waterfront section just north of City Hall.

The plan includes a new complete Baywalk path for pedestrians, restoration of two historic hangers, consolidation of boat loading to the north so no boats cross pedestrians, provides new direct view corridors from Bayshore Drive to Biscayne Bay and connects to Regatta Park.

BHA congratulates…

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Brickell neighbors wowed by Brickell CityCentre project

The Brickell on the River North meeting room overlooking the Miami River was filled to capacity one evening in late June when BHA Board members and officials came to hear about Brickell CityCentre. Several news articles had recently come out about the huge, mixed-use project planned for the Brickell community. Everyone was ready to catch a first-hand glimpse of what all the fuss was about.

Folks were anxious to hear how the nine-acre, multi-level project would be a positiv…

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Spring 2006 – A vision for the Brickell community

By Robert Green, BHA Associate Member 1550 Brickell Avenue

Our company developed the 1550 Brickell rental community in the late 80’s, and we continue to own it. Before addressing my vision for the future of South Brickell (south of 15th Road), let me first describe the significant changes that have occurred in the Brickell area during the past two decades.

In the late 1980’s, Brickell’s primary commercial hub was at 8th Street, as three or four office towers had been re…

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Winter 2004 – Brickell’s boom: An update on development

It’s not news that construction in the Brickell corridor is booming with more than a dozen major projects underway and nearly as many in the planning stages. One only has to drive two and a half miles north along the Brickell Avenue/Biscayne Boulevard corridor from 25th Road to the Miami Arena to see it firsthand.

BHA News featured a rundown of the projects in a 2002 issue, and many readers now regularly request an update. With the enormous assistance of the Downtown Devel…

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Fall 2003 – City coaxed, developers came

New Ordinance Would Reduce Bonuses for Saturated Brickell

With nearly every parcel developed or under construction along Brickell Avenue between Miami River and the Rickenbacker Causeway, it’s hard to fathom that developers need any encouragement or incentive to break ground in this prized area.

That’s what BHA has been telling the City of Miami for the past two years since it began advocating for the removal of the density bonuses provided in an ordinance enacted two d…

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