Garbage & Waste

Single-Stream Recycling comes to Brickell

Special to BHA News by Kelly L. Jackson

The Metropolitan Condominium is going green and encourages all of Brickell to take action! Over the past year, the Metropolitan adopted single-stream recycling and would like to help other buildings participate. WSI (Waste Services Inc.) of Miami as well as other trash and recycling companies now offer “single-stream” recycling which means you no longer have to separate your recyclable materials (i.e. all plastics, metals, papers…

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Watchdog on Brickell: The nuts & bolts of quality of life

The following news briefs highlight a few of the quality of life and safety issues BHA is working on.
Several residents wrote to BHA to complain and ask “who should have been responsible? after the March 24-25 weekend which was jam-packed with activities in the Brickell and surrounding area. Ultra Music Festival, Sony Ericsson Tennis Tournament, Taste of Brickell, to name a few. Brickell Resident Jay Solowsky, in his inimitable way, expressed the dismay conveyed in …

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Summer 2010 – Disturbing views of Brickell

Brickell resident and business owner Charles Tavares walks the Brickell area daily, his preferred method over vehicular travel. The walk isn’t always pleasant, however. In fact, it can be downright disturbing as he walks on poorly maintained and often dangerous sidewalks and roadways. This Brickell resident of 25+ years, who is also a BHA rep and board member of Brickell Area Association, wonders “Why are our streets and sidewalks so poorly maintained when Brickell is Mia…

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