Ultra Music Festival to be held on Virginia Key

Despite the objections of Key Biscayne and Brickell residents, the Ultra Music Festival has received agreement from the City of Miami to hold its event March 29-31, 2019 on historic Virginia Key Beach.  Concerned neighbors attended the City of Miami Commission Meeting on November 15th to oppose the City of Miami Resolution’s approving the Ultra Music Festival at Virginia Key.

Neighbors fear the three-day event drawing some 50,000 attendees daily will be an environmen…

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Watchdog on Brickell: The nuts & bolts of quality of life

The following news briefs highlight a few of the quality of life and safety issues BHA is working on.
Several residents wrote to BHA to complain and ask “who should have been responsible? after the March 24-25 weekend which was jam-packed with activities in the Brickell and surrounding area. Ultra Music Festival, Sony Ericsson Tennis Tournament, Taste of Brickell, to name a few. Brickell Resident Jay Solowsky, in his inimitable way, expressed the dismay conveyed in …

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Winter 2008 – Party hours to be limited

After the ruckus caused by the late night/wee-hour party on Columbus Day last fall that kept some residents awake until 6 a.m., BHA and the city of Miami was barraged with complaints. Commissioner Sarnoff and Mayor Diaz agreed with BHA residents that quality of life shouldn’t be sacrificed for all-night parties. New noise limits have been set for parties and concerts in Miami parks with a mandated music ending time of 12 midnight. BHA residents agreed this was reasonable.

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Fall 2007 – Brickell residents spend sleepless night

All-night party had permits; Mayor Diaz vows change

If you were one of those neighbors left sleepless the night of October 8 into the morning of the 9th due to the noise from Virginia Key, your frustration was felt by many. Again BHA’s advocate Claudia Bruce tried to get relief for herself and neighbors, only to find further aggravation and roadblocks to peace.

Here’s the email dialog beginning with Claudia reporting to NET Administrator Liza Walton about the night that…

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Fall 2004 – Keep Making Noise About Noise

“Keep those forms coming” is the word from Barbara Bisno, the community activist working with the City in an attempt to make the new noise ordinance under development something residents can live with. Fax or mail your report, or, if you prefer, send via email to

From BHA News, Fall 2004, Vol. XIV, No. 3…

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July 2004 – Activist Gains Chance for Residents to Be Heard on New Noise Ordinance

When Commissioners were considering increasing the allowable levels of noise in the City of Miami this past spring, nary a peep was heard. Fortunately, Venetian Causeway resident Barbara Bisno got wind of the pending new ordinance before it made its way into law and in time to inject citizen input into the process.

It’s a good thing, because any relief neighbors would have been optimistically expecting from late night loud music coming from concerts at Bayside and Bayfro…

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Spring 1999 – Survey results: Traffic, aircraft noise & development control top residents’ concerns list

Residents responding to an informal survey about quality of life issues in the Brickell neighborhood consistently cited traffic and aircraft noise as issues that need addressing, along with control of development. The general appearance of the area and landscaping of the Brickell medians followed close behind in concerns noted by residents responding to the poll published in the last BHA News.

In response to the question about how the quality of life overall has changed in…

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