New Playground Overview

New 1814 Park Playground Open and a Big Hit with Brickell Families

BHA, Brickell residents and other City stakeholders celebrated the official opening of the newly renovated playground at 1814 Park in a ribbon cutting ceremony on Wednesday, June 27. Sparked by requests from Brickell families and backed by BHA, the City of Miami has completed installation of new playground equipment at our Brickell tots’ favorite park.

The new equipment is better geared for little ones, and replaces the modern equipment which was designed for use by olde…

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Column: Viewpoint that Simpson Park could be so much more

By Robert Green, owner of the 1550 Brickell Apartment complex, reflecting on what the Brickell community needs and his concept that Simpson Park could fulfill some of those needs. All viewpoints are welcome to the BHA Editor.

Nearly 30 years ago, we built 1550 Brickell Apartments. It was the first rental community to be built in the Brickell corridor and, while it has been substantially modernized and transformed since then, we continue to operate it as a rental today.

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1814 Brickell Park Playground Ribbon Cutting June 27

The new play equipment is in and we are ready to cut the ribbon on Wednesday, June 27, at 10 a.m.! Sparked by requests from Brickell moms with toddlers and backed by BHA, the City of Miami has completed installation of new playground equipment at our Brickell tots’ favorite park. The new equipment is better geared for little ones, and replaces the modern equipment designed for older kids. Thank you City of Miami Parks Director Kirwin, Mayor Suarez and Commissioner Russell f…

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Landscape architect’s “out of the box” idea worth a look, residents say

BHA directors and residents heard from Miami Landscape Architect Douglas Thompson about a concept he came up with to create park space in Brickell on the water. His vision for “Brickell Bay Park” piqued the interest of BHA directors and residents hearing about the idea for the first time on August 30th.
Mr. Thompson explained that he conceived of Brickell Bay Park as an answer to the shortage of quality public space in the Brickell neighborhood. His concept coverts Brick…

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Progress pledged on three major advocacy items

Editor’s Note: In late August BHA learned of positive forward action on three of our major advocacy items that neighbors have been patiently awaiting: 1814 Brickell Park Playground Renovation; Left Turn Arrows at SE 15th Road & Brickell; Replacement of Crosswalks. Since that time and right before we sent this issue to press, we experienced Hurricane Irma. Naturally, the timetable for each of these projects will be delayed since they rely on city and county functions and…

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Fall 2017 BHA News is Out

Our 75th Edition of the News features updates on three major advocacy items that are finally being addressed as well as an expanded special section on Education in the Urban Core. Guest columns by School Board reps and our City of Miami Commissioners discuss their perspective on ensuring educational excellence for Brickell and Downtown Miami.

Click here to get your advance copy of the Fall 2017 BHA News…

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The Underline Moving on a Steady Path

Special to BHA News by Meg Daly – It may have been summertime, but Friends of The Underline didn’t take a vacation. That’s probably why The Underline is the fastest-moving project of its scope in the country!

Since we incorporated in January 2014 as a 501C3 non-profit, we have hit many major milestones in record time. With the support of the University of Miami School of Architecture, we completed two design studios in 2014 which paved the way for the beginning of ou…

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Changes, enhancements sought for 1814 Brickell Park

In late 2015 BHA heard from a group that 1814 Brickell Park needed some changes to better meet the needs of the park’s users. We learned that while the park “was conceived from the desire to cater to a variety of user types in the neighborhood,” it turns out a singular demographic dominates among the park patrons: those 6 and under.

Moms and kids have told BHA that they love the park, but some changes are needed to make it really function well for children, including:

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The Underline to Break Ground in 2016

Plans for The Underline, an envisioned 10-mile park, bike and hike trail located below Miami’s Metrorail, currently known as the M-Path, are rapidly becoming a reality. Momentum is so great each day seems to bring a newsworthy announcement for this dynamic greenway project.

And now, we’ve learned the project is set to break ground in fall 2016 the result of a forward-thinking public-private partnership involving Miami-Dade County, City of Miami and other municipalities…

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The Underline: A 10-mile linear park for Miami

The Underline is perhaps the most exciting public-private partnership project to come to the residents of Miami-Dade in a long time. This project could forever transform the land below Miami’s Metrorail into a 10-mile linear park and urban trail. Many BHA Board members and other attendees heard about it at the March BHA meeting where we were impressed and inspired by the concept Meg Daly presented. The BHA Board voted to endorse the project that evening. The Underline has n…

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