Police Coverage


City approves adding police to Miami force

Last night, a result of the leadership of Mayor Regalado and Commissioner Sarnoff, and the activism and involvement of the community, the City Commission voted unanimously for a new budget that will put more police officers on our streets.

The plan promises 95 additional police officers to patrol our streets by April of next year and with at least 25 of them pledged to be on duty by this year’s holiday season.

This is a significant victory for public safety in the Cit…

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Fall 2003 – City and county officials prepare for FTAA meetings

The Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) meetings scheduled for Miami the week of November 17 to 22 are expected to draw thousands of demonstrators and tie up traffic in the Downtown Miami area. Preparation has been key to ensuring demonstrations don’t get out of control or violent, Homeland Security Director Joseph Piñon told BHA Directors.

“We are giving people a right to demonstrate, he said, “but we still have to maintain peace and do what we have to do to pro…

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Winter 1997 – Police report: Brickell area gets more coverage, improved communication systems

More police officers are looking after Brickell residents under a new plan implemented by the City of Miami Police Department in early January.

Police coverage in the Brickell/Coral Way Neighborhood Enhancement Team (N.E.T.) zone increased by a third going from 22 total officers to 33as the result of a comprehensive study examining when and where crimes have occurred and scheduling patrols accordingly, Officer Jeffrey Giordano reported to the BHA.

“In the past there wer…

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Summer 1996 – On the beat: Tracking Brickell police coverage

The number of police officers assigned to patrol the Brickell/Coral Way area is targeted to double if all goes according to a new plan being tried in this area by the Miami Police Department, Lt. Manny Orosa reported.

“Simply put, we will have one officer per zone, per day,” he said. “So instead of our current four per day, we should grow to eight per day, per shift.”

With a number of new restaurants and other developments sprouting up in the Brickell area lately, BHA d…

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