Two major Brickell projects suffer delays

Two major Brickell initiatives stalled for months might finally be moving forward… hopefully…
Transfer of Control of Brickell Avenue
The first matter — the transfer of control of Brickell Avenue from the State’s FDOT to local authorities — was approved by FDOT and the City of Miami Commission in June. Thank you to those residents who answered BHA’s call to let authorities know we favor this transfer of jurisdiction where the “highway” passes through our neig…

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Brickell Median & Sidewalk Plan Updates

Update January 2014 – Commissioner Sarnoff re-studied and re-evaluated the median plan based on feedback from neighbors concerned about losing canopy and trees. A new plan has been developed that only removes six deceased trees, and aims to balance a high canopy together with plants intended to grow below the canopy so that the median’s arbor will appear full at its highest, as well as its medium height. The work is slated to re-start in February, simultaneously with the side…

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Progress Report: Brickell Avenue Improvements

BHA Board members were sad but not surprised to learn that many of the trees in the Brickell median will have to be replaced due to disease and damage. But, on the positive side, Commissioner Sarnoff said the funds are available and the replacements will be tall, robust trees.

The Brickell Avenue median and sidewalks project will most likely start in August, Commissioner Sarnoff reported to the BHA Boa…

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Summer 2007 – Trees are a neighborhood asset & how you can save them

Guest Column By Joan Tumpson, Brickell Resident

Perhaps you like me have felt helpless seeing yet one more of the majestic trees that once lined Brickell being cut down, or brutalized with a “hat-rack” trim. You assumed that if the tree was on private property, there was nothing you could do. WRONG!

Lucky for us, the City of Miami has strict laws limiting or prohibiting the removal or overly-aggressive trimming of trees whether or not on private property. The City seeks…

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