Airplane Noise Abatement

Fall 2002 – Airplane noise abatement: Nothing yet after five years

“This document has been five years in the making, proposes changes impacting only six percent of the entire Miami Airport operation, and nothing’s been achieved,” said Task Force member Patrick McCoy.

For two years members of the Airplane Noise Abatement Task Force had been waiting patiently for the Federal Aviation Administration to approve a proposal that would make the first inroads — albeit baby steps — toward establishing a noise abatement program at MIA. The big an…

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Fall 2001 – Airport official updates BHA on security, noise issues

While always her top concern, safety and security now overshadow all other priorities for Miami International Airport Director Angela Gittens, senior staffer Miguel Southwell reported to BHA Directors at their October meeting.

“The public has to have the confidence to travel,” Mr. Southwell said, “We have to provide that confidence.”

Mr. Southwell, who worked with Director Gittens at the Atlanta airport before she recruited him to follow her to Miami as Assistant Direct…

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Spring 2001 – Airplane noise abatement: East flow test underway during night hours

An issue that requires heroic patience on the part of homeowners is the matter of airplane noise abatement. BHA continues to represent the neighborhood’s concerns on the county-wide Noise Abatement Task Force, as well as meet with airport officials and specialists about what can and is being done for relief.

As Brickell residents know all too well, east flow departures from Miami International Airport are the biggest noise problem for the neighborhood.

Currently a test,…

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Winter 2000 – Aircraft noise abatement: At last, some progress to report

By T. Sinclair (Tory) Jacobs

In an effort to focus attention on the need to accelerate implementation of the Miami International Airport Noise Abatement Program, Commissioner Jimmy Morales arranged a meeting chaired by Mayor Alex Penelas with attendance by FAA and Miami-Dade Aviation Department (MDAD) executives.

The meeting served as a catalyst for both MDAD and FAA to agree to move forward with the long-awaited test of Flight Track Management. Targeted to start the we…

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Fall 1999 – Aircraft noise abatement issues (yet again!)

By T. Sinclair (Tory) Jacobs

A recent article from the BHA News on Aircraft Noise Abatement was forwarded to Miami-Dade County Manager Merrett Stierheim. He responded with the request that his letter refuting some of BHA’s statements be published in the BHA News. You’ll find

Stierheim’s letter along with our latest resonse below.

We are encouraged to have finally gotten the County Manager’s attention…that is, if we really have his attention as yet. Often, CEOs don’…

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Spring 1999 – Aircraft noise abatement task force meetings moved to County Commission Chambers

 Thanks to Commissioner Barbara Carey’s initiative, the monthly Aircraft Noise Abatement Task Force Meetings have been moved from MIA to County Commission Chambers in order to afford improved public access and participation as well as television coverage on Channel 34.

The first meeting at the County Commission Chambers took place on May 26th. Awareness of the impediments to noise abatement progress were heightened by the presence of Nancy B. Shelton, FAA Manager, Airspac…

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Winter 1999 – Aircraft noise abatement. . .at last, progress!

President’s Column By T. Sinclair (Tory) Jacobs

Looks like we’re all about to get on the same page in support of a realistic program to reduce our exposure to aircraft noise. We sought American Airlines’ help to formulate noise reduction procedures to supplant MIA’s noise measurement program. We were already all too aware of the problem. . .we are looking for solutions.

American Airlines’ recommended program, which has worked in other communities, includes:


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Spring 1998 – Aircraft noise: Residents urged to report disturbances

In the ongoing battle to control aircraft noise levels, especially in residential areas like Brickell, Miami International Airport is setting up a special telephone line for residents to report disturbances. The line is intended to help airport officials identify airlines which are not abiding by the recommended noise abatement procedures.

The Brickell Homeowners Association has been participating in the monthly meetings of the MIA Noise Abatement Task Force, comprised of …

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December 1997 – Rumble over Miami: Aircraft “noise” intrusion

By Francisco J. Garcia

Few of us who live and/or work in the City of Miami have not at some time experienced noise intrusion caused by an aircraft thundering by overhead. Worse yet, many who work and live in the city are systematically subjected to these highly disruptive, not-to-mention irritating, incidents. It doesn’t help that aircraft fly-bys are regularly scheduled, for no closing of windows, no raising the stereo’s volume and no pillow over the head can baffle the a…

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Spring 1997 – Airplane noise: Residents losing sleep under loud planes

Has airplane noise that you hear in your home increased? Are you being awakened in the middle of the night by planes? Have to stop telephone conversations? Aren’t there regulations about airplane noise, especially at night?

A return visit to the BHA by Dade County Aviation staffer Jeff Bunting gave residents several explanations and somewhat distant hope about airplane noise in the Brickell Area. Indeed, noise has increased as Miami International Airport continues to grow …

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