Brickell Avenue Name

Summer 2007 – Naming rights: Brickell Avenue gets historic designation; brand, history preserved

Governor Charlie Crist signed legislation June 14, 2007, declaring Brickell Avenue a state historic road and prohibiting the Brickell Avenue name to be extended beyond its Miami River north boundary. This act will forever quash the efforts of the developers of Met 2 office tower just north of the river who were looking to cash in on the cachet of the Brickell Avenue name by extending it up Southeast Second Avenue.

The victory was led by the business leaders of Brickell Are…

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Winter 2007 – Naming rights: Brickell Avenue name extension wrong for many reasons

Historically, it doesn’t make sense. Geographically, it doesn’t make sense. From a brand-name-identity standpoint, it doesn’t make sense. But, to a few big-time developers pushing to have two blocks of Southeast Second Avenue renamed to the more chic “Brickell Avenue” just north of Miami River, the idea makes a lot of sense, financially, for their pockets.

Readers may recall the uproar began last spring when the name change went before the City of Miami Commission. The com…

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