Bus Bench Advertising

Fall 2002 – The bus bench fiasco & where it stands…

Representatives from Sarmiento Outdoor Advertising, the company responsible for the new bus benches and advertising panels, met with BHA Directors to discuss remedies to the bus bench design and advertising plan that created the uproar throughout the City of Miami and City Hall a few months ago.

Sarmiento reported they are working with the City of Miami to revise their original plans so that in non-commercial areas they eliminate the advertising panels that began blocking …

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Summer 2002 – BHA protest sparks citywide objections

Bus benches are now a hot issue, literally and figuratively, after the BHA presented a special agenda item at the July 25th City of Miami Commission meeting. Bus benches manufactured similar to a skillet: black and metal. Bus benches with offensive, visually polluting advertising appendages that scream commercialism in the midst of a residential neighborhood. Bus benches that block sidewalks, impair visibility and seem to be going in wherever the most advertising can be sold….

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May 2002 – Resolution

The following Resolution has been duly adopted by the Brickell Homeowners Association on May 15, 2002.

The Brickell Homeowners Association, representing some 6,000 residential units in the neighborhood between the Miami River and 26th Roads including Brickell Key, requests that the City of Miami Commission recognize the importance of maintaining a residential, non-commercial ambiance in the Brickell Avenue Residential community and, to this end, exclude bus bench and bus s…

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