Commercial Encroachment

Spring 2001 – Plastic surgeon’s office-1900 Brickell Avenue

President’s Column: Our “Alice-in-Wonderland” City Commission, By T. Sinclair (Tory) Jacobs

In retrospect, the Miami City Commission’s ruling on January 25, 2001 — the 242nd anniversary of Scotland’s renowned poet Robert Burns’ birth — seems disappointingly fitting.

The Miami City Commission voted 3-to-2 to uphold the City’s Acting Zoning Administrator’s ruling about the clause in City Commission Resolution 97-73, enacted January 23, 1997, for the 1900 Brickell Avenue…

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December 2000 – Neighborhood Matters: 1900 Brickell Avenue

BHA Needs You on Thursday, December 14, 2000, 5:00 p.m. at Miami City Hall, 3500 Pan American Drive, Coconut Grove

When the matter of 1900 Brickell Avenue will go before the entire Miami City Commission.

The Zoning Board on November 6 supported the Brickell Homeowners position 4 to 2 that medical and surgical procedures and Spa signage would not be permitted according to the original covenants in the Zoning Variance that was granted the plastic surgeon several years bac…

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Summer 2000 – 1900 Brickell before Planning and Zoning Board

The matter of 1900 Brickell Avenue will again go before the Planning and Zoning Board and then the City of Miami Commission. BHA is challenging the signage announcing a spa at the location. The use of this property which was one of the last remaining single-family homes on Brickell Avenue is part of the ongoing effort to safeguard the residential ambiance of Brickell Avenue and prevent commercial encroachment in the neighborhood. BHA’s position is that both the sign and the n…

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Winter 2000 – 1900 Brickell Avenue / Plastic Surgeon’s Office

Residents were alarmed when a sign announcing a spa went up in front of the property that had been promised to be a limited-use, doctor’s office.

The City’s Zoning and Planning Department reports they are trying to determine if the spa would be a violation of the covenants agreed upon when the initial zoning variances were granted. City Manager Donald Warshaw and Commissioner Johnny Winton are looking into it. The BHA will pursue on all fronts to keeping the spa and commer…

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Spring 1999 – 1900 Brickell Avenue: Maintaining residential ambiance?

Despite the protests of BHA neighbors, the buyer of this property at 1900 Brickell Avenue, one of the few remaining single-family residences on Brickell Avenue, was granted zoning variances over two years ago to allow the retrofitting of the house for a plastic surgeon’s office, which is ongoing. BHA officials are awaiting the replacement of a tree that was removed from the front of the property without proper permits.

From BHA News, Spring 1999, Vol. IX, No. 2…

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Fall 1997 – Plastic Surgeon Snubs Nose at Commission’s Resolution: Doctor Violates Ordinance, Removes Tree

In a move that seems to indicate little regard for the rules that came along with the “Special Exception” granted to him by Miami Commissioners last spring, the plastic surgeon at 1900 Brickell removed a tree in the front of the property without obtaining a permit and in direct violation of the resolution governing his use of the property.

When the City of Miami Commission allowed the doctor to open up shop in the residential Brickell area despite vigorous dissention from …

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Spring 1997 – Residents Turn Out: Yet City Commissioners Vote Against BHA in Favor of Plastic Surgeon

Despite a strong showing at the Miami City Commission meeting by Brickell area residents against a special zoning exception for 1900 Brickell Avenue, Commissioners voted in favor of enabling a commercial enterprise to operate on residential Brickell Avenue. Commissioners voted 4 to 1 to allow the single family residence at 1900 Brickell Avenue to be converted into a medical office/clinic by a plastic surgeon. Only Mayor Joe Carollo, casting the final vote, sided with the resi…

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Winter 1997 – 1900 Brickell: City Can’t Say No to Spot Zoning

A series of deferrals by City of Miami officials on the issue of 1900 Brickell Avenue has left the future of residential Brickell Avenue up in the air for the past several months. The question lingers as to whether to allow the single family residence at 1900 Brickell Avenue to be converted into a medical office/clinic by a plastic surgeon. It will be considered again by City Commissioners Thursday, January 23rd, 5 p.m.

Although the Brickell Homeowners Association represen…

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Fall 1996 – President’s Column By T. Sinclair (Tory) Jacobs: We Are Needed!

Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their Brickell neighborhood and, literally, stand up and be counted in our battle against Commercial Encroachment.

At the Miami City Commission meeting on Thursday evening, November 21st, all those present who are against granting a Special Exception permitting the conversion of a private residence at 1900 Brickell Avenue to a medical facility will be asked to stand.

Why We Should Be Standing There. . .

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Fall 1996 – Question: Commercial use of a Brickell Avenue residence? BHA says “no” now and for the future

On Nov. 21, 1996, the future of residential Brickell Avenue is up for con-sideration. The question is whether to allow the conversion of the private residence at 1900 Brickell Avenue into a medical office/clinic by a plastic surgeon.

The doctor and his attorney have asked for a “Special Exception” to the Zoning Code for the Brickell neighborhood which is residential only. While this medical practice may produce a nice, considerate business, advocates for residential Bricke…

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