Roadway Resurfacing – 1996 Project

Winter 1996 – Brickell Avenue surface: The final word is not good

Brickell Homeowner directors got the latest news on the Brickell Avenue pavement resurfacing job. It was not good.

While bad news may not surprise most who have been following the ongoing saga of the new checkerboard roadway, a glimmer of hope remained in our last report in November that something could be done to improve the patchwork appearance of Brickell.

The hope rested with Dr. Jamshid Armaghani, state pavement evaluation engineer with the Florida Department of Tr…

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November 1995 – Brickell Avenue pavement rehabilitation

November 30, 1995

Jose Abreu, P.E.

District Secretary, District VI

Florida Department of Transportation

1000 NW 111 Ave., Rm 6207 C

Miami, FL 33172

RE: Brickell Avenue Pavement Rehabilitation

Dear Jose:

On September 15, 1995, we sent to you by messenger Dr. Attoh-Okine’s Survey Report of Highway Surface Condition on Brickell Avenue from S.W. 15th Road to S.E. 25th Road, along with a covering letter asking you to call with your comments.

As you know,…

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Fall 1995 – Is Brickell roadway to remain a checkerboard?

While the median landscaping issue has come to a somewhat satisfactory resolution, Brickell Homeowners Association directors are still trying to work with the Florida Department of Transportation on resolving the rehabilitation project that left Brickell Avenue looking like a “broken checkerboard.”

Added to the dilemma of fixing the eyesore, communication from FDOT continues to have its highs and lows. (See letter to District Secretary that follows.

Residents continue t…

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Summer 1995 – Beautification plan was a lie

By Fran Zion, Esq.

Over one year ago as Miami prepared to host the Summit of the Americas and the Superbowl, the City of Miami and the Florida Department of Transportation announced the commencement of a project, “The Beautification of Brickell.” The plan included repairing and repaving the street surface of Brickell, adding new trees and foliage, and installing a porous pipe irrigation system down the center median. Brickell was to be restored to its pre-Hurricane Andrew …

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Summer 1995 – Residents disappointed and angry over “beautification” of Brickell Ave.

When asking residents if they like the work on Brickell Avenue their typical reaction is noncommittal, until they are told that the road repaving is complete and the landscaping only has sod to go. Then they become alarmed at what’s been done. . .

It’s the old “good news-bad news” clichè. The good news is that the noisy, disruptive trucks and heavy equipment are gone at last from Brickell Avenue. The bad news is, they’re not coming back.

Somehow, the Florida Department…

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